7 Ways How To Study When Tired

In this article, I will share with you several tips you can use to study when tired.


Whether you like it or not, you will have to study because it’s your duty as a student.


But there are times your body just doesn’t allow you to stay focused on your studies because of how exhausted you are.


There are some things you can incorporate when you are tired to make your studies effective.


If you tell yourself that you will skip your study schedule because you are tired, you will be wasting your time. Keep in mind that the exams are around the corner.


You need to cover everything before you are ready to sit for your exams. So, you have to use every second you have to the maximum.


Without wasting so much time on what could happen if you keep skipping your study schedules, let me share what you can do when you want to study but are tired.


This is how to study when tired;

1. Take a moment to relax your muscles and mind.

This is how to study when you are exhausted. I can’t lie to you that if you want to study when tired the only thing you need to do is just proceed to do it.


how to study when exhausted.

No! I would be lying to you if I told you to do that. If you are tired and you want to study, the first thing you need to do is to take a moment to relax.


You need to rest a little bit to calm your muscles and mind down.


It will be very hard for you to study when your muscles are tensed and your mind is just occupied by the exhaustion that your body goes through.


You need to rest a little bit to give yourself room to cool down.

The tension has to reduce to enable you to be comfortable when studying.


When you force yourself to study instantly yet you are tired, focusing on will be harder for you.


Let no one tell you that you can just start studying directly yet your body doesn’t allow you to.


Of course, you need to rest for a moment, just a short break to calm down before you sit down to study.


You can just take about 15 minutes to lie down, do something to relax your mind, stretch yourself, clear your head, and make the intention of shitting your energy into studying.


After you have done that, it’s time for you to sit down and study.


2. Study a subject or unit that you can easily handle.

Another way to study when you are exhausted, it’s by being considerate about the units or subjects you choose to study.


When you are tired it will be a challenge for you to deal with topics or subjects that you can’t understand.


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If you want to study when tired you should choose a subject that you can easily handle.


A subject or unit that will not require you to use your brain to the full capacity.

It will be hard for you to tackle subjects that require lots of energy since you are tired.


To handle those subjects, you will need to rest sufficiently and handle them during hours when you are most productive.


So, choose a subject that requires you to study lightly, it can be just a simple theory, or if you are an engineer you can choose to study how to draw.


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The main intention behind me telling you to pick a subject or unit that you can handle when studying while tired is to give room to your head to relax and not overwhelm yourself in the process.


Choose a subject that you can easily handle if you want to study when tired, this is what you should take away from this section of the article.


3. Reduce lots of writing when you study while tired.

This is another tip on how to study when tired. You need to reduce lots of writing when you want to study while exhausted.


how to study when tired

The main point here is to ensure that you reserve your energy to grasp the information that you are studying.


If you are always used to writing when studying, especially taking short notes on every page of the textbook you read, you will need to reduce that or not write at all.


It will be hard for you to handle lots of writing when tired while studying.


If you resolve to write while studying, you will hardly study for longer because you will drain yourself so fast.


What I recommend you to do if you want to study while tired, is to just write less or consume the content by listening or watching.


You can find the podcast of the topics you want to study and just tune yourself in.


To be honest, I never thought of this when I was in college, but this is something you can do if you are studying something that doesn’t have so many calculations.


As you will be listening to the podcast you will be studying and at the same time relaxing.


Watch some videos of the subject you want to study when you are tired.


By doing this you will be increasing your efficiency when it comes to studying while exhausted.

Our bodies have their breaking points too.


4. Choose your study area effectively.

This is what you should do if you want to study while tired. After you have done the above things I have shared, you need to ensure that you have a conducive environment for studying.


You are trying to save lots of energy here since you have so little of it.


The area you will choose to study in should offer little or no distractions at all because you won’t have the energy to handle it.


You need to study in an area that will give you the room to concentrate and focus on what you are doing.


When there are fewer frustrations while studying when tired, you are likely going to study for longer than when you study in an area with so many distractions.


So, if you are in a room where people are making so much noise, you will have no choice but to excuse yourself.


Find a quiet place and focus on your studies.

To make the area conducive for studying, you will also need to reduce the distractions yourself.


You are tired right now, there is no way you can multitask effectively. You need to turn your phone off or put it on flight mode.


This will reduce the distractions that the phone might create while you are studying.


Also, the area you will choose to study in should be well-lit to avoid straining while you are studying.


You got no juice to strain that much while studying. This is how you will manage to study when tired.


5. Reduce the commotion while you are studying.

If you want to study while tired, you need to reduce the commotion since your body can’t take it anymore.


So, before you sit down to study, you need to put all the things you will need during that session down.


Get ready with the resources you need to study so that you don’t start searching for them in the middle of your study session.


You are exhausted, moving here and there in search of study materials is just going to waste you completely.


Get everything you need and put them by your side. This will save you distractions and you will focus easily on studying while tired.


Don’t give yourself some excuses to stand up and move from place to place while tired.


You will eventually find yourself in your bedroom and getting out from there to go back to studying while tired is going to be nearly impossible.


Don’t put yourself in situations where you won’t go back to study. That is why this point comes in.


You need to reduce your movements if you are studying while tired. Focus on what you are studying and only move when it’s completely necessary.


Also, when you reduce the movements when you are studying while tired, you will save energy for studying and you might study for longer hours.


Make use of this tip and you will thank me later.


6. Study for the number of hours you can handle, not according to your schedule.

Your schedule may be telling you to study for 4 hours. There is always a need to follow your timetable strictly especially when you have a tight schedule.


You have to know that you are tired right now, you won’t manage to cover all those hours of studying no matter how badly you want to do it.


Your brain won’t be able to handle the things you usually do when you are active and strong.


So, don’t expect that you can study for 4 straight hours if you are tired. You need to be realistic about your expectations and pick the number of hours you can study effectively.


Don’t push yourself too hard to study for the number of hours you want to since it will only make things worst for you.


You might burn yourself out and you won’t even want to look at your books anymore.


Eventually, this is going to affect your overall performance. So, if you are tired and you want to study, pick the number of hours you can manage effectively.


That is what will give you room to study without any issues and you won’t be putting yourself at risk of burnout.


Also, the moment that you are studying when tired, when you feel your head can no longer grasp anything, you should just give yourself a break. You need it!

This is how you will manage to study when tired.


7. You need to rest, it’s inevitable.

If you have tried everything I have shared in this article to no success, this is what you should do.


You need to rest, you can’t study. What you need to know is that the way I can handle myself studying even when tired is not the same way you will do it.


So, if your body completely doesn’t allow you to sit down and study when tired, there is no need to force yourself to do that.


You won’t retain any information if you push yourself so far. At the end of the day, you will realize you wasted hours for nothing.


You need to rest! You can choose to rest while you study, or you can just put in some hours to relax before you embark on studying.


That is what you should do.



If you want to study when tired the tips I have shared in this article are going to help you navigate this.


Something else that I forgot to share, you need to eat something light or drink plenty of water.


This will also help you to concentrate on studying when tired. You will increase your energy a little bit and this will give you some hours when you want to study when tired.


Anyway, you don’t need to force yourself to study when you know you can’t handle it.


You know yourself better than I do. If you know that you can’t manage to study even after doing all the things I shared in this article, just rest and you will give it a try when you are ready to.


Forcing yourself to study when your body can no longer handle will only cause problems to you in the long run.


Thanks for reading, if you have any concerns just talk to me. See you in my next article.

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