The More I Study, The More I Forget: Do This

If you have this situation of “The I study, the more I forget” this is an article that is going to help you put things right.


I have several tips that will help you change this situation. Trust me, I know how you feel about this issue, putting so many hours into studying but after that, you remember nothing solid at all.


You can even end up concluding that you are not good enough for the subject that you are doing, but that is not the case.


Without wasting time, let me share what you should do about this situation and new strategies you should implement in your studies to ensure that you get the most out of your what you are studying.


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If you keep on forgetting the more you study, there is something you are not doing right. The moment you realize your fault, you will end up changing your situation.


The more I study, the more I forget: Here’s what to do;

1. Change your studying strategies.


the more i study the more i forget what should i do

If you keep forgetting the more you study, this is what you should do. You have to change your studying style if you want to get yourself out of this situation.


The moment you notice that you can’t retain information yet you put so much commitment into studying, this should tell you that you are not doing something right.


The first thing I would advise you to do if you keep forgetting the more you study is to observe your study behavior.


Try to figure out at which hours during the day you are the most productive.


Is it during the day or night? Are you productive when you study in groups or alone?


Do you keep forgetting the things you study because you don’t understand anything or it’s because you consume so much content?


Sit down and ask yourself some questions and find the right answers for them by observing yourself. The next thing you should do is to find out if the methods you are using to study are effective or not.


Use different study strategies after that take some tests to check out your memory retention capability and pick the one that gives you the best results.


If you have been studying for 5 hours, try and minimize the numbers of hours you study and see if you are going to perform better than you have been doing.


I mean at this point, it’s just trial and error, as you are figuring out which method works best for you when you study.


The moment you figure out why you keep on forgetting the more you study, you will be able to solve this problem once and for all.


2. Study smarter, not harder.

The next thing that I can share with you if you forget more when you study more is to be smart about the way you approach your study.


You have to be smart if you want to retain the information you read in books.


Spending more hours studying something doesn’t mean that you will get the most out of it. You can be studying for 6 hours a day and there is your roommate who studies for 2 hours a day yet he or she performs better than you.


If you want to capture most of the things you study you have to be organized. The way you study, the way you collect your resources, and how you solve different problems when you study matter a lot.


Studying smarter is all about taking a small chunk of information that you can retain, focusing on that, and finding the next piece to keep on retaining.


That is what studying smarter is all about. Try to consume information that you can retain, don’t try to grasp everything at once because that is the beginning of your failure to retain the information you study.


You study more but obtain less because you aren’t smart as to how you approach your studies. Don’t overload yourself thinking that you will get the most out of what you are studying.


If you handle your studies the way you play your video games, when you move from a single level to another, you are going to find that studying is fun, and forgetting the things you study will be very hard.


3. Give yourself some short breaks during your study period.

You study more but keep forgetting, why not try to study less and see how you are going to perform? The statement you searched, clearly shows that you are spending so much time studying.


Give yourself some breaks if you want to improve your retention rate. You are overworking your brain to the extent that it can no longer retain the information you are feeding it.


Taking a healthy short break will not prevent you from achieving the most out of your studies, you are not wasting your time by taking short breaks, you are doing something better for yourself.


The moment you take a break and refresh your mind, you are giving yourself a chance to store the initial information you read and when you come back to study it will be like you are starting on a new fresh plate when it comes to storing the information you get from books.


Don’t study for longer without taking breaks if you want to get yourself out of the situation I am talking about in this post.


When I was in college pursuing mechanical engineering, I used to study for 3 hours maximum, but within those three hours, I used to give myself so many short breaks.


Some of my friends even concluded that I wasn’t serious about my studies. I would study for 40 minutes and just pause for about 10 minutes scrolling through my social media account, listening to some music, and even going out and basking.


Trust me, I performed well and I was never worried about forgetting the things I studied. I had some friends who studied for more than 4 hours but when it come to the final exams, they never performed better than I did.


I advise you to take short breaks during your study hours if you want to increase your retention rate. Do that and you will thank me later.


4. Study with an objective.

If the more you study it the more you forget, I advise you to study with an objective.


What do I mean when I tell you to study with an objective?

Studying with an objective means you should study to grasp something at a specific part that you are studying before you move to another part.


If you are studying the factors affecting the economy of your country, ensure that you leave that part when you have an idea of the main theme of that topic or part.


When you are studying how to make a loaf of bread, you should not continue forward if you have no idea how the steps you are supposed to take when you are baking a loaf of bread.


If this is how you study, forgetting is going to be a thing of the past because you take maximum time learning what you are supposed to and getting the most out of it.


There is no way you are going to forget more if you always have an idea of what you should focus on when you want to study. Don’t just take a book and study without an idea of what you need to study.


Before you sit down and study, ensure that you are clear on what your end goal is and focus on that. That is what will help you to retain so much information after you have studied.




I am sharing with you the same things I used to do when I was in high school and college. It was hard for me to forget something after studying unless I stayed for longer without reviewing the content again.


If you study more and you keep forgetting more, I would advise you to reduce the number of hours that you study, take some short breaks, and always have an end goal when you take a book and start studying.


I hope you have found value in this article, if you have any questions leave your comment. See you in my next article.


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