Mechanical Ventilation System Fans: Types, Components & Working Principles

mechanical ventilation fans

In this article, I will share the types of fans used in mechanical ventilation systems, their main components and their working principles.   If you are left behind and don’t know how ventilation systems work then you should read the article below.   You might like this: Ventilation System: Purpose, Types, Working Principle And Maintenance … Read more

Factors To Consider When Choosing Air Conditioning System

factors to consider when choosing air conditioning system

Before one chooses an air conditioning system there are several factors that should be considered.   We have different types of air conditioning systems that work differently in different areas.   These are some of the examples of air conditioning systems that are used; Ducted system air conditioning. Split air conditioning system. Window air conditioning … Read more

Refrigeration Evaporators: Functions, Types, Design Characteristics And Maintenance.

refrigeration evaporators

Evaporators are very important when it comes to refrigeration.   In this article, I will share with you the functions of refrigeration evaporators, their types, design characteristics and how one can maintain them.   Without wasting time, let me share what you need to know about these evaporators.   Functions of evaporators; 1. Absorb heat … Read more

Factors Affecting Human Comfort In Air Conditioning System

factors affecting comfort in air conditioning systems

In this article, I will share the factors that affect human comfort in air conditioning systems.   If these factors aren’t controlled then the air conditioning won’t be providing the needed comfort for the occupants.   Also, these factors will help you determine whether your air conditioning system is working the way you expect or … Read more

Refrigerator Expansions Valves: Functions and Types

The expansion valve is usually connected between the receiver and the evaporator.   A receiver is a vessel that holds the liquid refrigerant from the condenser before it supplies it to the evaporator via the expansion valve.   The expansion valve, just like the other parts of a refrigeration system, it’s very important in completing … Read more

Refrigeration Compressors: Function, Types, Advantages And Disadvantages

compressors used in refrigeration systems

In this article, I will share the functions of refrigeration compressors, types, advantages and disadvantages of these types of compressors.   The compressor is another important part of the refrigeration system that completes the refrigeration cycle.   Without wasting time, let me share the function of compressors in a refrigeration system.   Functions of refrigeration … Read more