12 Subtle Ways To Handle Your Woman Like An Alpha

Handling your woman like an alpha doesn’t mean that you entirely control her lifestyle. It’s all about treating her in a way she will love you more, be submissive and respect you. How you handle your woman plays a big role in how she feels about you.


If you handle your woman with respect she will do the same for you.


When you treat her with disrespect, you hurt her feelings and make her feel she is worthless she will end up doing the same for you.


If you want to handle your woman like an alpha you have to show her that you are an alpha.


Show her that you are the man, let her know that she can rely on you, and be the kind of man she will beg you to stay when you are thinking of leaving.


How can you handle your woman like an alpha?


What can you do to gain more love, submission, and respect from your woman?


This is what I am going to share with you in this article.


This is how to handle your woman like an alpha;

1. Prioritize your success over other things.

If you want to handle your woman like an alpha, you have to be an alpha.


how to treat her like an alpha male

You need to focus your energy and priorities on the right things.


Do you think she will love you when you focus all your energy on her?


Do you think she will respect you when you spend hours with her instead of working on your important project that is meant to change your life?


If you want your woman to see you as a man of a higher value you need to focus on building yourself.


The only way your woman will love and respect you is when she sees that you are always climbing the ladder.


Don’t let anyone lie to you that women love struggling men. I know you have heard that “struggling men are the price” Don’t be at peace with this phrase.


If you are struggling financially right now, she only sticking with you because she is just being patient with you.


Don’t lie to yourself that she loves you because you are struggling financially yet you can’t afford to buy her the things she needs the most.


You will gain her respect when you prioritize your success over other things.


This means you will have to pay attention to what you work on and find every way to make it successful.


When you do things and they succeed, she will respect you for that.


If you are an ambitious man, you always put your effort into achieving the things you want the most in your life, she will respect you for that.


It doesn’t matter your condition right now, she will always appreciate you for the effort you are putting in.


Don’t focus all your energy on loving her, giving her too much attention, and wasting so much time idling around her thinking she is going to love you more since you are always around.


You are lying to yourself.


Your girlfriend needs to see you going places, getting the bag, and making your life noticeable.


All women want successful men. A smart and mature woman will always push you to pursue your dreams and make them into a reality.


You will have to ignore your woman sometimes to get extra hours to work on your projects.


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She will have to understand that you are chasing your success. The goodies you will get in life will also benefit her.


Don’t always be available for her, you have bigger things to chase in life.


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2. Don’t allow her to disrespect you.

Another way to handle your woman like an alpha is by making sure that you don’t allow her to disrespect you in any way.


There are some things you can’t control when it comes to your woman.


You can’t prevent her from getting mad at you, saying things to you, and even abusing you verbally.


It’s what you do after she has done those things that makes a difference. When you show a woman that you don’t entertain any disrespect from her, this will be enough for her to mind how she handles herself around you.


If you let your woman keep insulting you without taking action to make her realize that she has done something wrong, she will keep on doing it.


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She will never respect you the way you want her to.


This will give her an impression that she has the right to walk all over you, do and say what she feels like.


When you just allow your woman to have this impression that she can disrespect you and walk away with it, she will always do it.


If there is no respect for you, don’t expect she will listen to you.


The moment a woman feels she can disrespect you in any way, this is when she will want to take over your life.


She will do things to hurt you intentionally, she will put you through lots of tests, flirt with other guys in front of you, invade your privacy, and even cheat on you.


Don’t be surprised when she starts controlling your entire life.


So, you should never entertain a woman disrespecting you no matter how much you love her.


When she disrespects you give her a punishment that will make her regret doing what she did.


This is what you should do if you want her to respect you, submit to you, and love you more than her first boyfriend.


If you decide to ignore her because she has disrespected you don’t look back or change your mind because you feel lonely and you need her around.


Be assertive with the decisions you make and she will always respect you.


The thought of her disrespecting you in any way won’t even cross her mind next time.


You will gain the respect, submission, and love you want from her.


This is how to handle your woman like an alpha.


3. Treat her the way you want to be treated.

If you want to your woman to respect you, love you, and submit to you the way you treat her is what determines how she will handle you.


When you treat your woman with disrespect, she will also do the same.


It doesn’t matter how she feels about you, she will do you the things you do her.


If you entertain other girls she will also start entertaining other guys.


What goes around, comes around.


The moment you treat her like trash she will do the same. She will complain about how you treat her but she will get tired.


She will stop caring about what you do and that is when she will handle you the way she feels like.


If you want your girlfriend to love you, respect you, treat you like a king, and submit to you, treat her right.


When you decide that you want to focus on her the few hours you have make it all about her.


Show her that you care about her and that her presence means a lot to you.


Love won’t just grow out of nowhere if you don’t show and express what you feel for her.


Listen to what she says and wants from you. Respect her decisions and don’t do anything to make her feel that you are belittling her.


The way you want her to treat you, that’s the same way you should handle her.


If you respect her, care for her, love her, and consider what she wants from you, she will do the same.


4. Take the lead in making the important decisions in your relationship.

If you want to handle your woman like an alpha you should take the lead in almost everything in your relationship.


how to handle your girlfriend like an alpha male

How can you be an alpha when you let her handle everything in your relationship and life at large?


It doesn’t matter how busy you are chasing your dreams and goals in life, don’t let your woman handle everything on her own.


If you let her make every crucial decision, she will get used to that. When she handles everything by herself why would she need you?


Will she even need to consult you when she wants to do something big?


She won’t even bother talking to you about anything because she knows you are always never there to make the important decisions.


Don’t let your girlfriend be the head when you are the man. I don’t mean that you should control her life.


That will be toxic! She might end up leaving you for someone else if you start making her life hard.


You need to take the lead to make important decisions in the relationship but you should also listen to her too.


Don’t ignore her opinions simply because you are to take the lead on everything in that relationship.


Remember, treat her the way you want her to treat you.


The part of you taking the lead in every important decision in the relationship will make her rely on you.


This is to ensure that she needs you around when it comes to making any life-changing decisions.


Don’t allow her to gain the freedom to make the decisions without you being around her.


She will never respect you. Your Woman needs to know your worth.


Also, she needs to understand your values, your opinions, and what your guidance means to her.


Taking the lead in making important decisions in a relationship is also one way of handling your woman like an alpha.


5. Support your woman in any important projects she is working on.

If you want your woman to love you more, respect you, and submit to you be a reason for her success.


Think about it, if you let her do everything by herself and she ends up making it while you are around, what will she think of you?


What will she conclude when she is celebrating the fruits of her hard work?


Look at it from this perspective, what If you are the reason for everything good that happens in your girlfriend’s career and life?


How will she perceive you?


Now, do you get why I am telling you that you should support your woman in every important project she is working on?


When you are the reason why your woman is shining out there, this will give her a reason to love you more, respect you, and always submit to you.


She will always look up to you as her mentor, lover, and best friend.


You will gain immeasurable love and respect from her because you are the reason she is successful in almost every business she ventures into.


Be there for your girlfriend, support her in every way you can, and also motivate her to work on her goals.


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I told you earlier that you need to prioritize success over other things.


The success of your girlfriend should also be your priority.


She will always respect you all her life even if she ends up being with another man.


If she is successful in her life, it will make it easier for you to also chase your goals harder than before.


She will be busy, you will also be busy and you will end up building a very bright future for your kids in the future.


Don’t forget that your love for each other is the reason you are where you are.


That’s the pillar of everything.


6. Let her know there’s more to a relationship than what you feel for each other.

Your woman will complain sometimes when you are too busy chasing your goals.


She might start complaining that you don’t give her the attention she wants because she doesn’t know what is at stake.


When you are in a relationship it’s not only one thing that holds you together. Love alone isn’t enough.


Other things will start emerging when you have settled into a relationship.


The feeling of comfort, the kind of life you want to live and what you want to possess will get over what you feel for each other.


A woman will want a man that can give her financial security in the future, she will want her kids to be raised by an ambitious man and she will want the man to be more than just a lover to her.


These aren’t attainable if you will give up everything you care about just to spend hours with her.


You need to work for your life, be able to pay your bills on time, and take care of her.


Loving each other won’t be enough in this case. As a man, you will be required to provide more than just love.


If you fail to take care of her, give her what she wants, and be the kind of a man she wants you to be, she will not care how much you love her.


She won’t understand that your feelings for her are at 100%. What bothers her is that you can’t provide her with what she needs.


When a woman sees you as incompetent, she will not respect you and her interest in you will gradually fade.


This is enough for you to understand what I am talking about here. You now know why I said that you should let your girlfriend know that there is more to a relationship than how you feel about each other.


When she understands that a relationship involves more than what you feel for each other, she will understand whatever you have to do to make your life better.


For this, she will look at you as a man who understands what life entails.

You will be the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.


When your girlfriend wants constant attention, show her why it’s not always possible for you to be there for her.


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7. Talk and do things that you are sure of.

If you want to handle your woman like an alpha you have to be smart. You need to talk about things that you are sure of.


how to handle your woman like an alpha

When you want to lead your woman you have to show her that you have what it takes to lead.


The moment you talk about something you have to be sure about it. If you make promises you always have to fulfil them. This is how an alpha male behaves.


You have to show your woman that you are not just like the rest of the men she had in her life.


Don’t do or say things that you aren’t sure of. Don’t just say anything you feel like just to please her.


Be careful of what you say because she might use that against you some days. Don’t accuse your girlfriend of things you have no proof of.


If you suspect that she has been going behind your back and doing things that you don’t like but you have no proof, don’t bring up the topic.


This will only start arguments that will result in a conflict that you didn’t expect.


You need to show her that you are a high-value man. You know what you do and say. And every conversation you have with her is always purposeful.


Don’t say things because you feel like saying them. If you aren’t sure about what you want to say, don’t say it to her.


This means that you should always search for facts and proof before you talk about anything serious with her.


Don’t make decisions and end up changing them when they don’t work out in your favor. This also teaches you to think straight before you make any crucial decision.


If you are assertive when it comes to the decisions you make she will always respect you for that.


She will always think twice before she does or says anything to you because she knows you are never going to look back.


This means you have to be sure about the decision you want to make, you have to know what you are getting yourself into before you decide to go ahead and do it.


Talk facts, if you don’t have them search for them. Make decisions that you are sure of.


Don’t say things because you feel like just saying them without having any knowledge about them.


The way you talk and handle yourself around your girlfriend determines whether she is going to look up to you or look down upon you.


You want to handle her like an alpha, don’t give her a reason to start looking down upon everything you stand for in your life and the relationship.


Always fulfill your promises to her no matter how long it takes. Never walk out of promises you make.


This is how you will handle your woman like an alpha. And the results are that; she will respect you, she will always listen to you, she will look up to you, she will love you and she will know deep down that she has an incredible and reliable man.


8. Don’t beg for her love and attention.

If you want to handle your woman like an alpha you need to know this. You don’t need to beg for love and attention from your girlfriend.


When you can’t get hold of her because she is busy doing whatever she does, focus on something else.


You have a life to build, right? You have places to go, right? You are not where you want to be.


This means you don’t have time to beg her for attention and love. If you have asked her out and she seems to be making lots of excuses don’t start lashing out to her.


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You should be happy that she is making those excuses. She is giving you more time to work on your goals.


If she loves you, there is no need for you to worry about her not being around you.


She will always find her way back to you when she is done with whatever she is doing.


Don’t get drawn into begging for her attention and time. You have so much on your plate.


When you ask her out on a date and she doesn’t show up don’t start begging her and crying to her. Don’t let that affect you at all.


You need to focus on something that will never disappoint you as a man.


And that is chasing your dreams.


The moment you start showing her that you want her around so much, you care when she doesn’t come over to your house and you keep setting up plans every weekend but she doesn’t show up, she will know you are desperate for her.


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She will know you have nothing important going on in your life and that is why you always want to be around her.



When a woman realizes you are desperate for her, this is when she will do things to make you start chasing her. She will make you forget what you are working on just to always chase for her attention and love.


Don’t give her a reason to trap you. It doesn’t matter how much you need her, don’t ever beg for her love.


The moment you start begging her for her love and attention, that is when your value to her will reduce. She won’t treat you the way she used to, she will put you into tests, she won’t respect you and you will start chasing her.


When you chase her, you are no longer the alpha male. You will always submit to what she wants.


This is why you should never beg for attention and love from her.


What kind of love is that? Are you begging your woman to be around you?


If she doesn’t want to give you the love and attention that you want you should just ignore her. Focus on what matters the most in your life.


Remember that I told you that you should always prioritize success over everything else when you are in a relationship.


This is the only way a woman won’t be able to mess up with your head, she won’t occupy your entire heart, and hurting you will be like a dream to her.


You have something bigger going on in your life and it’s not just her invading your life.


When it reaches a point she wants you to beg for her love and attention that is when you should just walk out of her life and never look back.


9. Show her what she means to you.

If you want your woman to love you more, be obsessed with you, and submit to you, this is what you should also not forget.


You are fighting so hard to make her respect you, love you and submit to you. Don’t think that when you don’t express what you feel for she will fall for you.


A woman will submit to you, respect you, and love you even more when she is interested in you.


This means you don’t have to forget the romantic aspect. Don’t forget what brought you together.


What you feel for each other is what united you and brought you into each other’s life.


You need to also express your feelings to her through words and actions. She needs to feel loved, wanted, needed, cared for, and every special way a woman wants to feel.


Take your time with her and also show her the wild side of you when it comes to how you handle her in bed and in public.


The way you treat her and talk to her should make her feel special. She should feel she is the only lucky woman to have you in this world.


Don’t be too busy chasing your dreams and end up forgetting to express your feelings for her.


You shouldn’t ignore her so much because you will be teaching her to live without you.


When you teach her to live without you, it will be so hard for you to get hold of her.


She won’t need you, she won’t love you, she won’t respect you and she can easily leave you for someone else who will give her the attention she needs.


The part of you handling her like an alpha also includes you keeping her in your life.


If you handle her like an alpha and end up losing her to someone else, what is the point?

Be the guy she will always think about and want to spend time with every single day.


Don’t be cold and mean to her, let her see that you are also affected by her love and this is what will always make her interested in you.


10. Play your part and let her handle hers.

If you want your woman to respect you, love you, and submit to you just like how male alpha make their women, you need to mind your business.


You need to be careful when it comes to affairs that you choose to involve yourself in.


Some issues will happen in your girlfriend’s life. Maybe she might get into a conflict with her friends.


This might affect her and she will end up distancing herself from you because of what is happening between her and her friends.


You may have no idea what was the cause of the conflict with her friends.


If you she doesn’t want you to get involved in fixing the issues between her and her friends don’t bother stressing yourself about it.


When she wants you to stay out of her issues because she tells you that she will handle it, you need to respect that.


As long as it’s a matter that involves her and other people that you aren’t connected with, don’t get yourself involved in those issues.


Unless she asks you to help her out fixing the issues that are happening with other people that you don’t know.


That is when you should involve yourself in those matters. You don’t have time to be a mediator working out conflicts that your girlfriend had with her friends.


You should be busy building your life and not wasting your time on matters that your girlfriend hasn’t told you to get yourself involved in.


If she has issues with her family and she doesn’t want you to chip in and help her don’t get involved in her issues.


This is how an alpha male handles things in a relationship.


Let your girlfriend play her part and handle yours.


Don’t ask yourself so many questions about what you will do when she goes against your pledges in the relationship.


You shouldn’t worry that she is going to cheat on you with someone else. When you allow insecurities to invade your head in that relationship, that will be the end of you.


Of course, you don’t want her to cheat on you, but you should let it go over your head.


Your duty is to guide her, love her, and take care of her; that is your part and let her handle her part too.


If she ends up cheating on you this means she hasn’t played her part and your duty will be to let her go.


This is how things work for the alpha males in a relationship. If you want to handle her like an alpha this is the piece of information you should keep in mind.


11. Don’t use your weaknesses to make her pity you and hold you around.

We all have weaknesses and other sides of us that we don’t want our women to see.


You don’t want your woman to know that you are always afraid of changes and you are afraid to let your woman know that you are insecure and jealous.


No man is perfect, you will never get rid of all the flaws you have.


Maybe you don’t want your girlfriend to know that you are suffering from social anxiety.


You keep all these things to yourself because you don’t want her to use this knowledge against you.


Sometimes the weaknesses you have might be the reason why your girlfriend cares so much about you.


When you tell her about your issues that is when she holds tight to you because she feels the need to be kind and nicer to you.


If you tell her that you are struggling financially that is when she takes care of you and helps you clear your bills.


This feels like you should always use your weaknesses to manipulate her into giving you what you want.


If you don’t know, this is the worst thing you can think of using as a man to make your woman hold tight to you.


She will keep you around and take care of you when she knows you are weak. But do you know how she will perceive you after that?


Do you know what she will conclude when you aren’t around her?


The weaknesses you have been using to manipulate her emotionally are what she will use to kick you out of her life.


At one point she will get tired of you and being the one who always clears up your mess.


She will start looking down upon you and disrespecting you. You will never be the same guy to her. Your value won’t hold because of what you have been using to manipulate her.


This is why I am saying it’s not a good idea to use your weaknesses to make her pity you and hold on to you.


How will she allow herself to submit to a man who uses his weaknesses to gain favors? Do you think she will want this kind of man in the future?


She will only see you as a pathetic man. You will forever lose your value to her no matter what you did for her.


If you want to handle your woman like an alpha this is something you should never do in any relationship.


It doesn’t matter what the woman wants you to do or how she feels about you. You should never use your weaknesses as a way of gaining favors from her.


12. Accept the reality when you can’t tackle some of her problems.

You need to be honest with your girlfriend. That is why I earlier told you that you should only talk about and do things that you are sure of.


handle her like an alpha

This means you have to accept if you don’t have expertise in a certain field. You can’t be a doctor to your girlfriend if you have never pursued medicine.


Some problems will require you to find third parties to help you out.


Your girlfriend will understand that. You don’t always have to show her that you know everything and you can lead her in any situation she is in.


When your girlfriend wants you to help her to sort out an issue and it turns out that it’s so hard for you to find a solution, you need to be honest with her.


Let your girlfriend know that what she wants you to help her handle is beyond your capabilities.


Don’t just do things just to show her that you can help in any situation she is in yet you do not know what you do.


This will only make you a fraud. She won’t respect you, love you, and submit to you for that.


I don’t mean that when your girlfriend presents an issue to you that you have no idea of, you run away.


Try your level best, but if you can’t help her let her know the truth and find someone else who will.



If you handle your woman like an alpha you will end up being an alpha. You will always prioritize important things in your life over other issues.


This means you will always work hard to improve your value. You will never let a woman mess up with your head and distract you from working on important things in life.


What you should know is that women want men who can handle them and keep them locked.


Women don’t enjoy being with a man who doesn’t have a sense of direction. As a man, you should always be the head and guide her through every scenario in life.


This is what will make the woman love you, respect you, and submit to you.


I hope the tips that I have shared with you in this article will change how you handle your girlfriend, strengthen your relationship, and improve you as an individual.


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