About Me

My name Is Abduljabbar Ramdhan Ali, though you can use AJ or Ara since they are my coolest nicknames. Anyway, I’m a student at Eldoret National Polytechnic pursuing Mechanical Engineering (Plant Option).


I started this blog to help students who are also interested in pursuing engineering. People used to think of me as a joker when I was in high school. They thought I couldn’t be an engineer.


I remember when I was in high school the last year for my final exam. It came to a point when we had to choose the courses that we were going to pursue in colleges and universities.

When I chose to pursue engineering my class teacher asked me if I was sure that I wanted to pursue engineering. I guess he was surprised by my choice.


My first choices were medicine, marine engineering, and mechanical engineering. You can see medicine as one of my first choices. You may be surprised as to why I’m pursuing a career in Mechanical engineering, not Medicine or Marine engineering.


The real truth is that I failed biology, and we all know biology is the core back of medicine. This gave me a big blow when I was thinking of which course I should pursue in college.


I was so stressed when I received my results but my friend Salim Mohammed Kea motivated me and told me I was in a good position to go on with another course because I  performed well in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry.


That is how I eventually found myself in this engineering field. As I was starting this course I was unsure if I could manage it. The truth is that things were very tight at the beginning.


There was so much pressure, but I proudly pulled through them in my first with an amazing pass. This gave me the courage and power that I can handle as any engineer can.


I remember some of the students in college used to come for help with certain questions. With the help I gave them, I knew I could help so many people in this engineering field because I knew I had the ability.


That is why I started this blog. Though, this is not my first blog.


I also knew that if I started this blog to help other engineers at the same time I would be learning extensively. Knowledge is power and that is what we are looking for, right?


In this blog, I will be mostly answering several questions and sharing solutions for some plant machines.


Finally, I’m so passionate about what I do, and always feel free to contact me. I’m friendly and a person who is ready to make friends though, I’m not afraid to make enemies.


In the future, I will expand the blog categories talk about relationships, and offer advice to areas that I have knowledge in.


Hahaha… just kidding. See you in my articles. Thanks for stopping by.