6 Tips On How To Study Engineering Drawing

In this article, I will share with you tips on how to study engineering drawing so that you can pass your exam easily. The truth is that if you are an engineering student and you don’t know how to draw then you are in a great problem.


Let me share with you the attitude I had towards drawing and construction when I was in high school.


This might help you to understand better the importance of changing attitude and how you can study engineering drawing.


When I was in high school I never used to attempt construction questions in mathematics.


I hated geometry so much, but I was good at the other subjects.


I found it a big task to hold a compass and start drawing circles and diving them.


I remember there was a topic called loci, damn, I hated it so much.


But when I joined college and I entered a drawing class I knew I had to change my attitude.


Anyway, let me give you the tips to study engineering drawing.


These are the tips on how to study engineering drawing;

1. Take away the negative attitude you have about engineering drawing.

The first step if you want to stand in engineering drawing you will have to take away all the negative attitudes you have towards it.


If you are you keep telling yourself that engineering drawing is hard for you to master then you won’t be able to do it.


Don’t listen to what people will tell you about the unit of drawing in engineering.

You will meet people who are ahead of you and they will tell you that engineering drawing is hard.


You have to tell yourself that it was hard for them not for you.

Say it within yourself, “I can do it!”


When you motivate yourself and encourage yourself then you will have the power to change your mindset about this unit.


If you won’t drive away from the negative mindset you have about this unit then it will be very hard for you to study and master it effectively.

I don’t want to lie to you, engineering drawing is all about mastering the procedure of how to draw a certain diagram.


For instance, if we are talking about drawing ellipses or dealing with link mechanisms then for such kinds of drawing you will have to master the procedure for you to be able to draw.

This will need more than your positive mindset, so try to imagine if you have a negative mindset about it, will you manage to study it?


So, take away the negative attitude you have towards this unit and believe in yourself that you can draw and prosper.


2. Attend your engineering drawing classes exclusively.

I have to be honest with you, if you are a first-year student and you don’t attend your classes in engineering drawing then there is no way you will be able to pass this unit.

If you want to study engineering drawing you will first have to attend the classes so that at least you can have an idea of how you can draw.


The moment you have an idea of how the process of drawing a cone goes then you will have a better chance of understanding it when you study on your own.

But, let us say you have never attended any class and you want to study engineering drawing in your last days to exams, then you will be digging a grave for yourself.


You will fail. No matter how many good youtube videos about engineering are there but if you have no concept about a drawing then you will never manage to draw it.

The videos of engineering drawings are pretty cool when you have an idea and you have seen a teacher actual drawing it.


Your work will be just to be following up and adding to what you understood about that certain drawing you are studying.

So, if you are that person who never attends his or her class then start doing so.


These classes are very important.

It will be at least good to skip Engineering Mathematics class than drawing.


Anyway, I don’t encourage you to skip any of your classes, stay focused and attend them all unless there is an emergence.


3. Get revision materials and reference materials.

After you have been attending your classes continuously then it’s time to get revision material and reference materials.


I normally make my notes as my reference material unless they don’t contain the information I need.


If this is the case then I would go online and find helpful references that can help me with my revision of engineering drawing.


You should do the same if you want to pass engineering drawing.


Get your revision material in advance. You can use past papers for your revision.


Get yourself familiarized with how these questions are set so that you can be on the safe side.


The reference materials will help you to confirm a point that you don’t understand.


Also, the reference materials will enable you to know if you are doing the right thing.


Once you do that then you will be on the right path to studying engineering drawing.


4. Practice drawing, Draw! Draw! Draw!


The other way to study engineering drawing is by practising drawing the right thing.


Once you have done an isometric projection diagram with your teacher in class then try to draw it again on your own without the help of the teacher.


If you repeat the same drawing thrice then you will have an idea of how the drawing goes.


This will make it easier for you to draw it and make it perfect.


Without practice in engineering drawing, you will only be planning failure. The more you draw the more you get better at it.


So, get the habit of drawing, if it’s possible in a week make sure you draw twice or thrice a week.


When you do this then it will be hard for you to fail your exam.


The other thing is that you should never leave an assignment unfinished.


Always try your best to finish the assignments of drawing that your teacher gives you after a class.


In this way, you will be practising more and also you will be adding to your course work.


5. Ask for help from someone better at drawing.

If you notice that things are a bit hard for you then don’t die with your problems.


Get some help from someone you know is better at engineering drawing.


It can be your classmate or anyone who is in the department of engineering doing the same course you do.


This is because engineering drawing won’t be the same for someone who is pursuing production and plant.


The point is, don’t be too afraid to ask for help if you know you can’t manage on your own.


Let someone who has an idea help you.


I remember I used to do the same and I managed to succeed.


6. Don’t give up no matter how hard you find it to be.

The truth is that you won’t get better at engineering drawing immediately when you start to follow these things I have shared with you.


You will find challenges and difficulties when studying.


This doesn’t mean you should give up. Instead, these challenges should give you the motivation that you are towards something great.


You might also fail some drawing continuous assessment tests.


Don’t let this make you lose hope in studying engineering drawing.



You have no choice but to study engineering drawing and pass. This is because being an engineer requires you to know how to draw. There is no way you will escape this.


So, keep doing practices and following the tips I have shared with you. I used the same tips and I passed my exam. I never thought I would pass drawing.


The results gave me the courage and hope that I can also help someone else like you to do better in engineering drawing.


Anyway, for that much, I would like to say, “thanks for reading.”


If you have a question don’t be afraid to leave your comment.


See the other article at the bottom of this article. See you in my next article.


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