Are Engineering Jobs Harder Than School? (Answered)

If you are wondering if engineering jobs are harder than the actual school of engineering then this is what I can tell you. Engineering jobs are harder than school simply because when you are in the job you will have to make sure that you do your work effectively and there is no room for mistakes allowed since you will be messing up with the industry’s product or services.


We all know in one way or another other mistakes will be made when you are in this job.


My teacher who was teaching me workshop technology said that when you are learning you are allowed to make mistakes so that you can be corrected before you step into the industry.


Out there, there will be no room for mistakes since many people will be relying on you to produce quality products that will benefit the organization at large.


So, from his statement, it’s clear that engineering jobs aren’t as easy as you may take them to be.


The other thing that makes these jobs hard is the pressure that an employee will have to take.


When you are in an industry people work according to planning and measures that have been arranged by the supervisor.


There will be a deadline that an employee will have so that he or she can produce a certain number of products at the allocated time.


So, there is so much pressure in these engineering jobs. This makes the job kinda hard than school.


In school, you will have the pressure to deal with engineering drawing but once you are done with the assignment you will forget about that book.


When it comes to the industry once you are assigned to your respective area you will have to make sure you do your best to produce the best products.


And you will be in such a position for a while maybe until you get promoted.


If you are in the manufacturing section then you will remain in that section and if any product that is produced with issues the blame will be pointed at you.


This is what makes the engineering jobs harder than the actual engineering school.


Is engineering a stressful job?

Before I answer this question I would you to know something very important here.


Every job has its challenges. There is no easy job I presume. This is because anything that you choose to do, for you to maximize the results of it you will have to work smart.


Working smart is all about planning on how you can use your inputs to produce a great output from them.


All this requires critical thinking and it’s stressful. In one way or another, you will get faded up and you will feel stressed.


Engineering jobs are stressful sometimes due to the pressure that the employees get from it when they are required to produce products or services that meet a certain requirement at an allocated time. Though, once they have achieved what they are aiming at they will have something to celebrate for.


They are stressful but people still go for them.


Ask yourself why?


Is engineering a desk job?

Engineering can either be a desk job or not depending upon a section that one will be working on.


If you are working on the manufacturing side then you have time to sit at the desk. You will have to be upright and make sure that the required products are produced.


Engineering is not a desk job for those who are on the side of supervision since a supervisor will have to check all the products if are produced according to the required standard and quality and manufacturing side since they will have to deal with the production of products. But the general manager, production manager, and technical director will be at the desk.


The main work of the general manager is to delegate and control all production in an industry.


He or she will be mostly on the desk.


On the other hand, the production manager will be delegated to the production controller who has to make sure that the production of products is going according to the plan.


If I talk about the technical director, the main work will be to do research and to enhance the quality of goods produced.


So, if you get yourself in this section then you will be at the desk most of the time.


Do engineers sit at a desk all day?

Engineers don’t sit at a desk all day simply because even the general manager who is supposed to be delegating work to the other subordinates will have to walk around and see how the work he or she delegated is progressing.


Engineers have to deal with production if they sit all day at a desk then who will make sure the products are finished?


In most cases, engineers are always up on their feet unless it’s a day off.


But, if the engineers are dealing with services of repairing, and they have to wait for a client to come with an issue in their office then in this case engineers will be sitting at a desk to wait for these jobs.


These are the engineers that are dealing with plant issues, like refrigeration and air conditioning, repairing lifts and escalators and other mechanical things that need fixing.




If you are a student pursuing mechanical engineering you have to know that you will have to work smart and harder in the industry to produce the required products.


There is nothing easier or harder in this field of engineering. You will have to work smart and put effort into anything that you want to achieve.


You will have to understand that you will have to work under pressure in the industry so that you come up with the required quality of products over a certain period.


If you have a question leave your comment and I will get back to you.


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