Is Engineering Fun In College/University? (Answered)

With the perspective that people have about engineering, you might ask yourself if engineering is fun in college/university. This is the question that I’m going to answer in this blog and it will change your perspective at large about engineering.


If you want to know if engineering is fun in college/university then this is what I can tell you.


Engineering is fun in college and university sometimes. The truth is that it’s not always fun since people get so much serious when they are committed to tackling questions and checking machines during practicals. Though, there are times when people find it fun since it’s usually composed of different people.


For instance, my class contains people of different kinds, from different backgrounds and regions.


We even have musicians, comedians, athletes and many other people of different interests.


Without forgetting myself, we also have bloggers. Anyway, I guess I’m the only blogger in my class.


Anyway, that was not the point that I was trying to put across.


I know you aren’t interested in knowing the kind of people I have in my engineering class.


These people of different interests and talents won’t just sit around and wait for a lecturer to come in class and teach the strength of machines or mechanics of machines.


People usually come up with different debates, which will cheer up the whole class and leave people laughing and applauding.


We have those who will come up with an ice breaker and we have those who will come up with questions that will brainstorm everyone in the class.


It’s usually so fun. Sometimes if I get to miss a class I normally feel that so much has passed me.


Anyway, engineering in college is fun. Leave aside the mathematics and physics that instils so much pressure in some people.


Another thing that makes engineering fun in college/universities is the practicals that students do.


These practicals sometimes are very amazing and the people have so much to talk about. How does it feel when you do something that you like, something that you have passion for?


It feels good and amazing, doesn’t it?


Do engineering students enjoy it?

Yeah! Engineering students do enjoy themselves also. Being an engineer doesn’t mean that your head will be 24 hours buried in books. For instance, there are some days in my timetable when I only have two classes in a day. So, when I’m done with my classes I enjoy myself.


After my classes, I can go hiking with my coolest playlist on the play, grab a cup of coffee and maybe spend time indoors watching TV shows.


Engineering students do enjoy themselves when they are free.


They don’t limit themselves or refrain themselves from having fun when they are free.


We even have those who gather themselves to play football and video games, and we have those who spend their free time drinking and partying.


It all depends on someone’s hobbies.


Though, most of them don’t spend so much time having fun unless they are done with their exams.


They know the importance of time management, though we have those who forget themselves and end up over-enjoying themselves and later on, they get to be so tied up because of the assignments that they never managed to finish.


So, engineering students also have fun and enjoy themselves.



Do engineering students have friends?

Engineering students have friends too.


Engineering students have friends too because they interact with each other. We have those who are extroverts like me, I like interacting and making friends. I have so many friends. So, if you are asking if engineering students have friends then this is your answer.


If you are an engineer and you don’t have friends it will be very hard for you to succeed.


The main reason I’m saying this is that there will be always a time you will need these friends to help you finish or help you with your assignments.


You might be sick and fail to attend several classes. Who will you ask for notes or any updates from your class if you don’t have friends?


This doesn’t mean that engineering students have only friends from their department.


They also have friends from different departments like hospitality, food science, and business.


Anyway, we need people to succeed in this life. So, make friends also, even if it’s only one friend.


Are engineering students boring?

Whoosh! Come on, take it easy.


Engineering students aren’t boring at all.


I’m a good example. I have exciting hobbies like watching movies and tv shows, listening to music, swimming, hiking, and dancing.


Can you imagine all those hobbies I have do you think I can be a boring guy?


Anyway, away from talking about myself.


Engineering students are not boring; this is because most of them are creative and smart. So, it’s hard to find a person who is smart and creative to be boring. Though I’m not saying that all engineering students are active, we have a few who are boring.


The boring engineering students are those who have no time for fun. They keep themselves indoors and only focus much on their studies.


They can’t think of anything fun to do, these are the boring ones.


Additionally, if someone is boring he or she is boring even if he or she is pursuing a different course.


The aspect of being boring isn’t about the course you are pursuing but your personality.


Final Thoughts…

If you want to take pursue engineering then don’t think that you won’t have fun. Engineering in college can be fun and exciting.


You can enjoy yourself as long as you know how to plan your time effectively.


Time management is important. If you get to manage your time in a good way then you will have time to enjoy yourself in a better way.


If you are wondering whether engineers have friends then know that they do have friends.


They are amazing people, creative, smart, and outgoing.


Do you have any questions you would like to know from me? Leave your comment in the comment section.


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