Is Mechanical Engineering Boring?

What! Do you think that mechanical engineering is boring? There is more to mechanical engineering than the boring schedules that you find some engineers possessing. In this article, I will be honest with you, I will give you some of the insights I had and I’m still experiencing some on the path to being a mechanical engineer.


Mechanical engineering it’s neither boring nor fun, for you to find it boring or fun depends on your attitude towards this career and how you perceive the challenges you come across while pursuing this career.


When I joined college to pursue mechanical engineering, I thought things will go south.


The people I came across talked about it very negatively. Most of the used to tell me that the course is so damn hard and it needs so much commitment.


By the way, mechanical engineering is a demanding course, you can’t compare this course with someone studying procurement.


The way you will perceive it is the same way you will feel about it.


If you perceive it as being tedious then this course will be so boring to you.


Trust me, you might even think of changing the course.


For me, mechanical engineering is so exciting and fun to pursue since you will learn a lot of things, if you are truly into machines like me, then you will enjoy pursuing it.


If you know why you chose to study mechanical engineering then you will not find it boring.


As long as you know what you want from this course then you will always enjoy studying it, you will enjoy learning new machines and their principles every single day.


The challenges that you will come through while pursuing this course will make you want to strive harder for it.


When you keep in your mind that you are pursuing mechanical engineering because you want to make a difference in your family, your life or the society at large then you will never find it boring.


You will dive deeper into it and seek to learn something new every day.


I don’t find mechanical engineering boring because I’m hungry for the knowledge that the course comes with.


I’m the mechanical nerd that wants to understand every concept about every machine that I see on my way and find ways how to maintain and operate them.


The moment you keep your curiosity before you when you are pursuing mechanical engineering then you will never find it boring.


You will always be motivated to learn more, when you fail in a certain unit you will be even more motivated to work on that unit.


So, what I can tell is that mechanical engineering will be boring when you want it to and it can be fun if you want it to, all this will depend on how you perceive it and your general attitude toward it.


If you are thinking of pursuing mechanical engineering and you have a passion for it then you will find it fun.


You may be in class listening to a certain lecture about a certain machine that will intrigue you and this will make you feel good.


Imagine walking and looking at machines as you pass by them and deep down you understand how they work and what can make them fail.


This kind of knowledge will make you feel untouchable. This kind of feeling, do you think it’s boring?


If you find this feeling boring then you should not pursue mechanical engineering.


Hey! I’m just kidding, you have to think of the reasons why you want to pursue mechanical engineering.


These reasons are what will give you the right perspective on this course.


So, just know that mechanical engineering is fun, pursuing it will make you feel you are on the other level.


No one will compare you to a business student – I’m not saying that business courses are bad to pursue, but I’m talking about the dignity that you will get having the title of being a mechanical engineer.


If you are a guy then most girls will perceive you as being more focused and intelligent, and if you are a girl most guys will respect you.


Do you want to miss this?


I’m having a lot of fun pursuing mechanical engineering and that is why I created this website in the first place.


I want to keep my knowledge alive by sharing it with thousands of engineers out there.


Doing research for these articles is awesome as I get to learn some of the things I never learned in class.


So, this is kinda my other hobby apart from watching movies, writing and swimming.


Engineering is fun if you are someone who is so much curious about most of the machines you come across.


If you are that person that is always seeking answers to why something is happening the way it’s then you will find engineering amazing.


Anyway, I have seen some of my classmates changing their courses. Some failed to keep up with the grades needed for them to continue to the next level.


People fail terribly to an extent you wonder whether you will fall into the same pit.


As I told you earlier that mechanical engineering is a demanding course, it needs your attention, commitment and sacrifice.


You will have to give up some of the things to keep your mind focused on studying.


That is the cost that some individuals fail to pay.


And if you can’t give it your best then there is no way you succeed.


The ones that find mechanical engineering boring, are those that failed to keep with the pace that the course was driving them.


But if you are focused there is no way the pace of mechanical engineering will outrun you.


You have control of it, when you manage to keep hold it tight then you will find it like a game and you will always enjoy it.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions leave your comment. See you in my next article.


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