What Students Need To Be Successful In School

In this article, I will share what students need to be successful in school. The tips I will share in this article will work for any student. It doesn’t matter whether you are in high school or university.


I will share real things that I did when I was in college while pursuing mechanical engineering which is known to be one of the toughest courses.


There is so much involved when it comes to being successful in school. It’s not all about timetables and studying harder as you have been told most of the time.


I will share practical things that you can implement and I am sure within a few months of commitment you will end up seeing the results.


When that happens, come back and leave your comment on this article.


Without wasting time, let me share some of the things that students need to be successful in school.


This is what students need to be successful in school;

1. Positive mindset about your capabilities.


what students need to be successful in school

Let me be clear about one thing that is going to change how you perceive everything in your studies.


If you want to be successful in school you first have to believe in yourself. Tell yourself that you have the capability of achieving everything you want.


The positive mindset that you will develop is what will help you a lot when it comes to navigating every task you will do in school.


Your mind has the power to make things easier or harder, it’s up to you to write the theory of how you want to see things.


The moment you will tell yourself that you are no longer able to achieve the best out of your studies, that will be your first step to failure.


There is no way you will put effort into achieving the good grades that you want to see on your transcripts or result slips.


In general, develop a positive mindset about every single detail in school. Start with the subjects or units you are taking.


Tell yourself that they aren’t hard, you can handle them and you can be successful no matter what it takes.


This is what will light the fire within you, and keep you motivated to keep doing what you need to for you to get the results you want in school.


The moment you will develop a negative mindset about the things you do in school, your studies, and everything else that influences your success in school, that is when you will never be successful.


2. Develop continuous reading culture.

After you have developed a positive mindset, there is that fire within you that wants you to keep reading, doing research, and coming up with an amazing project, you need to keep it going.


Starting and stopping after a short while is not going to give you the results you are seeking.


You will never be where you want to be if you will just stop. If you want to capture the most out of your books, you need to study the usual thing.


Normalize studying if you want to be successful in school. This is what you need to be successful.


There are no shortcuts, you can’t pass if you are not willing to put in the work.


It’s like telling yourself that you want to be a writer but you don’t make the effort of writing anything.


How do you expect to get better at writing if you are not going to put in the effort of trying to come up with your short story that you will later develop into a book?


What I am trying to tell you here is that there is no way you will be successful if you won’t study.


When you make study a culture, it’s going to stick with you no matter where you will be.


It will be programmed to you and without studying even for a single day, you will feel like something is wrong.


I am not telling you that you should read from morning to evening or trans night. That is not what I did at all and doing that doesn’t make you successful within a go.


Even if it’s reading a single page a day, keep on doing that every single day and within a month you will have covered about 30 pages.


That is progress you will be making, which is way better than just studying when there is an exam approaching.


This will only add pressure on you and you will never study to understand things but cramming.


A habit of continuous studying is something you need to be successful in school.


3. Take breaks when you need to.

You have to take a break sometimes when you feel that you can’t take in any information.


how to be successful in school

Especially if you are reading huge volumes of notes, you are doing so many calculations which was my case when I was in college.


When you feel that you are exhausted and you can’t retain more information you will need to take a break.


Taking a break and recharging won’t make everything that you studied evaporate out of your head.


Take breaks in the middle of your study sessions, listen to some music, go out and hang out with friends, walk around the park, and go swimming.


But ensure that you keep track of your time because time management is another tool that you need to be successful in school.


After you have refreshed your mind, go back and try another approach to solve the problems you were dealing with.


This is what will help you grasp the most out of the things you are studying.


Give yourself a break, enjoy your time with your friends, and try to create your social life too.


Being successful in school doesn’t involve you sticking to your books 24/7.


4. Focus on the tasks at hand.

This is something else so many people have no idea of. If you want to be successful in school you have to be smart.


When I tell you that you have to be smart, I don’t mean you have to be a super genius to be successful.


The moment you focus on something that you are doing you can achieve the most out of it compared to someone else who isn’t focused.


If you focus on a single problem, trying your best to find the solution until you get it right, it’s going to help you remember that problem you were trying to solve.


When you meet the same problem in another exam, you will remember exactly what you did to get the right answer.


But if you were not focused, you were all over the place, doing this question and leaving it hanging and trying another one also without any success.


You might end up wasting hours deceiving yourself that you were studying but you were doing nothing.


When you get the same questions in your exams, you can’t even figure out how to go about them.


You end up failing! You start blaming yourself that you are not doing better in school yet you spend hours studying, but this is not the case.


The only way to be successful in school is to focus on the task at hand and do it to the fullest.


If you have an assignment, focus on it and get it done before you do something else.


This is what will help you make progress.


If you wanted to study chemistry, pick the topic you want to study, go harder on that and get it done.


That is what I mean by saying focusing on the task at hand.


You may be studying for 2 hours but fully focused, and someone else studies for 6 hours but not focused, and you will find out that you are outdoing him or her in every exam.


It’s because you are focused while he or she is not.


5. Proper Planning of how you are going to tackle areas of your weaknesses.

This is something else you need as a student to succeed in school.


You need to plan yourself and figure out how you are going to deal with the areas that keep dragging you behind.


For instance, if you keep failing a certain unit or subject, sit down and find out where you go wrong.


Is it a matter of you not understanding what the teacher teaches or it’s that you don’t do enough research and read thoroughly?


There is nothing like the subject or unit is hard. That is just a mentality. If someone else in the same class does it better than you then this clearly shows there is something that you aren’t doing right.


sit down and figure out how are going to start working out on that subject.


Gather all the necessary resources you need to make your study go smoothly. Sit down and focus on that area.


If you are still not getting anything at all, seek help from someone who knows it better than you do.


This is what is going to help you be successful in school. Don’t be afraid to ask for help simply because you think other people are going to laugh at you.


Anyway, if you can’t approach your friend, talk to the teacher and he or she will help you out.


when you come up with a strategy of how you are going to pass in areas where you are performing poorly, that is how you are going to succeed in school.


6. Don’t let your results demotivate you.

It can be that you have tried everything I am talking about in this article but you don’t see the results.


When the results come, you are still stuck at C-. No matter how hard you try, you continue to find yourself in the same spot you were.

I know this sucks, but don’t let it drag you behind at all. You are way better than you think you are.


This is just a minor step back and if you figure out how to get your sh*t together and study you are going to succeed.


There is a reason why you are performing poorly, once you figure that out, you will succeed.


So, don’t let your failure be a demotivating factor, instead, it should be something that pushes you to do better every single day.


You have no reason to stop now while you are that close to reaching the finish line.


The grade you are getting right now, it’s not going to be the same one if you keep on pushing every single day.


Letting your failure drag you behind is going to keep you down forever.


If you are failing, that should tell you that there is something you need to do about the way you handle your studies.


Figure out the strategies that will work for you instead of copying how other people study.


That is what will help you succeed in school.


7. Never compare your progress with someone else’s.

You should never compare your progress with someone else’s if you want to be successful in school.


The moment you start comparing your results to someone else’s that is when you will start losing it.


You will find yourself competing with someone else instead of competing with yourself.


The only thing you should compare yourself to is the progress you made the previous term.


This is what will always keep you on the right track, you will develop a positive when working on your weaknesses and it won’t overwhelm you at all.


But when you keep comparing yourself to someone who does it better than you, this will always demotivate you and you will feel overwhelmed.


So, it’s better not to compare your progress to other people’s if you want to keep on pushing on the positive side.


You should understand that we all have different capabilities. Your retention capacity will never be the same as mine.


You should only compare the progresses you made in the previous term. This is what will show if you are making progress or not.


When you stop comparing your progress to other people’s you will be at ease when dealing with the areas of your weaknesses.


You won’t be overwhelmed and you will have it easy when dealing with your studies.


8. Be patient with yourself.

There are times you will feel like you are not making any progress at all. You have been studying so hard but you keep finding your name at the bottom of the list.


So many questions are racing in your head about whether you should stop putting effort or continue studying.


What you need to know is that you can’t be better within a single month. This is a problem that you need to work on slowly as time goes by.


Don’t think that when you implement the things I have shared with you suddenly you will be successful in school.


It will be hard adjusting to these changes, you will find it very tiresome trying to manage your time since it’s something you haven’t been doing.


You have to be patient and encourage yourself that you will manage to be where you want to be. There are no shortcuts when it comes to studying.


The best medicine you need is consistency in doing the right thing and the rest will come easy.




The tips I have shared in this article, are the exact things I did in college when I was pursuing mechanical engineering.


These are practical things, get yourself together and try your way to approach them. With time you will notice some changes if you are committed.


If you have any questions about what I have shared don’t be afraid to leave your comment. Thanks for reading, see you in my next article.


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