How To Start Studying After A Long Break

If you want to start studying after a long break and you don’t how to go about it, this is the article that you should focus on.


Studying after a long can break can be so hard, especially if what you are studying is so demanding.


It can be that you deferred for 3 years because you had to start working to earn some money before you continue studying.


I don’t know why you went for a long break, you know the reason better. Hold on to it because you will need it as you continue reading this article.


Without wasting time, let me share how you should go about this issue.


This is how to start studying after a long break;

1. Take your mind back to studying.


how to start studying after a long break

If you want to start studying after a long break, this is the first thing you should do.


You were on a long break, it can be half a year, two years, or more. You are the only one who is aware of how long you stopped studying.


But the number of months or years you went on a break, doesn’t matter that much.


Except, a person who went on a break of 1 year will have his mind still focused on the main goal of studying, and he or she will still remember most of the things that are needed for him or her to succeed.


As for the person who went on a break of about 3 years and more, won’t be able to remember most of the things.


He or she will take so much time to adjust.

But that shouldn’t stress you at all because I will break down everything you have to do to start studying.


Now that you want to start studying after a long break, the only thing I would ask you to do is to start taking your mind back to studying.


Studying is like committing to a relationship. If you won’t commit to a serious relationship, there is no chance that it’s going to grow.


Your partner will just assume you are not into him or her and that might be a big reason for him or her to dump you.


When I say you should take your mind back to studying, I mean you should now prioritize studying in your head, focus on how you are going to do it, and choose to commit to it.


From now henceforth, your biggest job will be studying and nothing else.

That is the reason you came back to study, right?


Sit down and think about studying, walk while you think about studying, and even talk to your friends who are also going back to study after a long break.


This is going to help you get your mind back into studying and adjusting to the new changes that are going to come up will be easier for you.


This is how to start studying after a long break.


2. Develop a positive mindset about your studies.

After you have taken your mind back to studying, this is something else I would advise you to do.


You have to develop a positive mindset about studying if you have been out of school for so long.


Developing a positive mindset about your studies is what is going to motivate you to keep on going despite the challenges you might face along the way.


You need to be motivated that you can do this. It will be hard for you to focus and commit to studying if you don’t like the idea of you coming back to study.


It can be that it was not your choice to start studying again, you were pushed.


So, if you keep the mentality that you were forced to start studying again while you were having a good time in your life, it’s going to be hard to start studying effectively.


This will give you a bad start and that is what we are trying to avoid in the first place.


You need to develop a positive mindset towards studying it doesn’t matter the reason why you came back to it.


That is what is going to give you the energy and push you need to start studying effectively and tackle all the challenges you will come across.


3. Organize yourself to start studying.

Before you start studying after a long break, you will need to organize yourself first after you have done the things I talked about in the above sections of this article.


There is no way you can start studying after a long break without keeping your room in order.


Doing so will be a shortcut, but as you continue studying you will realize that you will keep stopping since there are some things you still miss, which are essential to your studies.


If you keep stopping now and then to find the resources you need when you have started studying, you will hardly focus on what you are studying.


This can bring about laziness and you will not do anything because you are new to this change.

It has been a while since you sat down for hours and focus on a book.


You need to organize yourself sufficiently so that you stop the habit of stopping when you don’t need to.


The first thing you should do is to organize yourself to get your resources. Get all the books you need, the exercise books, and all reference materials.


Have your pens in order, a calculator, and all the things you need to make your study go smoothly.


When you are organized like this, it will even feel good to start studying because you won’t have anything else stressing you out.


If you lack the essentials of studying, this is going to put you under pressure and the start of your studies will never be smooth.


Another thing you should do to start studying is to find a perfect spot to study.


If you will be studying in your room, you will need to create a room only for studying.


The room should have enough lights on. If there is not enough lighting you should use a natural one.

That is if the room has big glass windows.


The room should be made for studying space, so it should not contain anything that is going to distract you when you start studying.


You need a comfortable chair and a good desk that you will lay all your materials on.


If you have all these set up, then you are good to start studying. This is what you have to do if you want to start studying after a long break.


4. Start small as you increase your studying hours.

If you want to start studying after a long break this is something you should do.


Don’t do the mistake of making a timetable and strictly start following it. This will be very hard for you since you haven’t adjusted to the new schedule of studying.


During the first or two weeks of your studies, don’t use a timetable at all. You need to make the studying interesting.


Studying is not fun at all. So, when you start studying directly by following a strict timetable and doing complicated units, this is going to put you under pressure.


You will end up feeling overwhelmed by your studies, you won’t retain any information significantly and you will be demotivated to keep studying.


This will ruin the positive mindset that you developed earlier.

The best thing I would advise you to do is to ensure that you are starting small and doing things that you can manage to create rapport.


You need a good tempo to keep you going for the rest of the semester.


If you start with the wrong tempo because of how you have organized yourself and the time you have to study, it’s going to affect your entire schedule.


You can’t start studying for 6 hours directly yet you haven’t been studying for the past 2 years or more.


This is going to be impossible. Even if you can do this, I don’t advise you to do that because it going to affect you in the long run.


It can be that you are motivated you are back to studying after a long break, and you have the energy that pushes you to study for 6 hours, but that won’t be the same case in the long run.


You will get tired when you are needed to put in more effort and increase the number of hours you are supposed to study but you will be too tired to make any changes.


So, I advise you to start studying for 2 hours as you keep increasing them as you go by.


You should start timing yourself while you study to get to know the appropriate hours you will need to study.


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Also, you should start by handling easy units that are going to give you the right tempo when you start studying after a long break.


Your mind is now inactive, so handling hard things at the beginning is going to be a challenge.


Do the easy stuff first, go for fewer hours, and as time goes by keep advancing your level of study.


This is what you should do if you want to start studying after a very long break.


Start small and increase your level as you see fit while you continue studying.


5. Hold on to the reason why you came back to start after a long break.

There is a reason why you came back to study after a long break. I told you that you will need it.


And here we are, you need that reason to keep on going.

You came back to studying after a long break because it’s crucial for you.


If it wasn’t important for you to come back to studying, you wouldn’t even have bothered searching for this article.


You want to start studying again and you want to be successful and that is why you are here.


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Trust me, it won’t be easy as you may think, things are going to be tough because this is a change you are going to make throughout your entire schedule.


There are so many challenges you will come across when you start studying after a long break, they are enough to make you want to stop studying.


But if you will have something to hold onto then no matter the obstacles you will come across, you will always focus on studying.


So, hold on to the reason why you want to start studying again, always remind yourself of the main goal that you are pursuing if you want to succeed in this process.


That should be your purpose and everything you need to keep on going no matter the problems you will face while studying.

This is how you will start studying and keep going after a long break.



If you want to start studying after a long break, you should take it easy on yourself.


You won’t be as fast as you used to be. Sometimes you will find yourself dragging behind.


It’s not your fault at all. It’s the long break you had, it changed everything.


So, don’t start blaming yourself when you come across these challenges when you are studying.


Stay positive and follow the points I have shared with you in this article and all will be well.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions you should leave your comment. See you in my next article.

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