Why Dating In College Is A Bad Idea

In this article, I will share why it’s a bad idea to date in college. Some of the things I will share with you will give you a clear perspective of how relationships in college are.


I know you may be thinking that it’s a good idea to date in college since you finally have the freedom you wanted so badly.


You are now far from your family, you have your own house and things are just amazing.


I don’t want to disappoint you with what I am going to share in this article. These are all raw facts about relationships in colleges.


Without wasting time, let me share what you need to know about dating in college.


This is why it’s a bad idea to date in college;

1. Most people hardly commit to relationships in college.


is dating in college a good idea?

This is the first reason why it’s a bad idea to date in college. Most people in college hardly commit to relationships.


Do you know why most people never commit to relationships in college?


Most people hardly commit to relationships in college because they went there to enjoy themselves, drinking, and getting along with many people as they can.


You will find out that most people are just in open relationships because they don’t want to be glued to a single person.


So, if you are thinking of dating in college, and find your perfect princess or prince in college this is something you should think twice about.


As I told you earlier that people have the freedom that they never had before in high school. Most of them take this opportunity to explore and try different things during their first and second year in college.


Finding someone who is going to commit to you, and build a serious relationship with you that can go somewhere are rare to find.


And that is why I am telling you that dating in college is a bad idea.

Will you spend your time studying or searching for a person who wants a serious relationship?


That takes me to the second reason why it’s a bad idea to date in college.


2. You will waste so much time.

Dating in college is a bad idea because you are going to waste so much time trying to find the perfect match.


This means you won’t be invested in studying and passing your course, but busy trying to find a single person who is going to be on the same page as you.


If you are going to college with the intention of dating, this is something you should know.


The moment you set foot in college, the first thing that you will think about is finding someone who is going to match your criteria and this will leave you wasting so much time instead of focusing on your career.


If you will end up finding someone who matches your criteria and you decided to build a relationship with and commit to him or her, you will also spend so much time creating the foundation of that relationship.


You will have to show up when he or she needs you around even if you have an assignment to do, you will need to be there for him or her during her or his lows and highs and ensure that he or she is always fine.


This will consume so much of your time especially if your course is demanding.


It will reach a time that you will be ditching your class just to be around him or her. If he or she is not ambitious, you are going to find yourself not attending even a single class in a week.


When you guys are fighting about something or there are misunderstandings between the two of you, this will also take so much of your time.


If you want your relationship to work, you will have to find a way to resolve your misunderstandings, and work things out with your partner and this will consume so much of your time.


And since you are invested in him or her, you won’t be happy leaving him or her in a bad situaition.


You will want to ensure that he or she is happy because it will give you peace.


All the efforts you will put into ensuring that your relationship is standing still will consume so much of your time.


Instead of you focusing on your studies, you will find out that you don’t even pay attention to your career at all. And that will be the beginning of your downfall.


3. You might lose focus on what matters to you.

I told you that dating in college is a bad idea, as I have been sharing with you my insights, you have already seen the negative side of things.


The moment you waste so much time trying to show your partner that you love him or her, you end up losing focus on what took you to college in the first place.


If you find someone who doesn’t care about your progress and the things you stand for, he or she is going to make you lose focus on what matters the most.


He or she will drag you to bad habits, you will never stay on the right path again because you are intoxicated with love.


It’s easier to lose focus on what matters when you are in a relationship. Trust me, this is something I did in college and I regreted.


I was pursuing mechanical engineering and the girl I date was pursuing business course.


She never had much on her plate as I did. This means she had a lot of free time.


I cared about her and I wouldn’t want her to be alone most of the times. I would give myself so many excuses just to be around her yet I had classes going on.


It’s not that she told me to ditch my classes and be with her, I just felt I needed to be around her because were in a relationship.


No matter how hard you will try to focus on your career, at one point you will find yourself slipping away from the things that you should focus on.


And that is why I am telling you that dating in college is a bad idea especially if you have so much to work on in the course that you pursue.


4. You will spend more money than you anticipated.

If you have a lot of money this may not be a problem to you at all.


But if you are a student who is on a tight budget because you are from a humble background then you should read this carefully.


If you end up dating in college you will spend so much money than you anticipated.


Whether you like it or not, you will spend money even if your boyfriend or girlfriend has money.


There are moments that you will feel like you need to surprise your partner because he or she has been doing that often.


You will think of buying him or her a fancy gift so that you show her or him how special he or she is.


If you have a tight budget, you will end up going broke because of the money you had to spend buying your partner a gift.


And that is why I am telling you it’s a bad idea to date in college.


If you are single, you won’t need to spend money on someone else but yourself. It won’t bother you if you spend 50 dollars a day or 100 dollars.


But if you have a partner you will need to impress him or her and this will leave you a broke student.


You will resolve to taking loans which will end up weighing heavily on you in the future.


Why get yourself in this mess when you can control it?


If your partner comes to your apartment, you will need to prepare something delicious for him or her, if he or she wants you to go out on a weekend, you will find yourself spending money on him or her.


There are so many things that happen in a relationship that will force you to spend money leaving you as broke asf.


5. You won’t be on the same page with most of the people you will meet.

Do you know some people you will meet in college are not on the same page as you.


I mean they might be married, they have kids at home or they don’t want what you are seeking.


But since they are in a college environment they will try to blend in and waste time.


You will find out that people in college are using each other for the worst.


You are there seeking for a true love, someone you can start your life with after college, but they are already married.


Imagine being with someone for 3 years and later on you come to find out that they were just using you!


This will surely crush you in a way you have never imagined. This is something that happens in college.


So, if you are going to college with the intention of dating you should be careful not to fall on this trap that so many of the students find themselves in.



I have shared why I think it’s a bad idea to date in college. These are just my opinions and the things I experienced while in college.


If I came across these experiences while in college it doesn’t mean that you will find yourself in a similar position. I have just share with you these points so that you are aware of the things you are going to meet when you intend to date in college.


It’s not all the people in college that don’t want to date, there are some who are actually searching for someone they can stick to and start life with after college.


If you are going to be pursuing a course that needs your commitment it’s better not to consider dating in college because it’s going to waste so much of your time.


I would advise you to focus on your career and after that think of dating now, it will save you so much disappointment in college.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions you should leave your comment. See you in my next article.


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