5 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Defends His Ex Girlfriend

Your boyfriend defends his ex-girlfriend and you are wondering why he does that. When you talk about something bad about her, he gets angry at you and you fail to understand whether he is still into his ex-girlfriend or not.


In this article, I will share with you some of the reasons why he defends his ex-girlfriend.


Some of these reasons I will share here might give you an idea of why he defends her.


What you need to know is that your boyfriend still cares about maintaining the reputation of his ex-girlfriend.


And that is why when you say something wrong about her, he turns up to defend her.


Why does he care about his ex? He broke up with her and now he is with you.


He shouldn’t be worried about you talking bad about his ex-girlfriend.


This is why your boyfriend defends his ex-girlfriend;

1. He is still in love with his ex-girlfriend.

I know you probably don’t want to hear this but your boyfriend is still in love with his girlfriend.


why your boyfriend defends his ex girlfriend

I mean why would he even defend her when you talk negatively about her?


If he gets angry at you when you say something negative about her this shows he is still connected to her. He hasn’t moved on yet.


Deep down he still feels her and that is why when you say something odd about her it breaks him into pieces.


What you should know is that if you just met him recently he may not be over his ex.


The memories of his ex are still with him, the good times are stuck with him and that is why he feels bad when you talk bad about her.


The good memories make him think that when you talk negatively about her you are insulting him for having ever been with a woman like her.


What you need to know is that it takes time for a guy to get over a woman he used to love deeply.


If your boyfriend still always talks about his ex-girlfriend it’s possible he is still attached to her.


He has not completely got rid of her from his head.


Your boyfriend still hasn’t moved on from his ex-girlfriend, he may still be in love with her and that is why he defends her.


Does he have pictures of her ex on his phone?

Does he have anything that physically connects him to his ex-girlfriend?


If the answer to the above questions is yes, it’s clear that your boyfriend hasn’t moved on from his ex and that is why he defends her.


You came into his life when he was still connected to her and that is why when you say anything bad about her he gets angry at you for doing so.


He may be with you just to escape the loneliness he experienced after breaking up with her.


2. He cares about his ex-girlfriend.

Your boyfriend defends his ex-girlfriend because he still cares about her.


He may be in love with you but that doesn’t stop him from caring about his ex-girlfriend.


Sometimes it may be hard for you to understand why men get stuck in their pasts.


For some men, it’s the love and affection they got from their exes.


It doesn’t match up to anything they have ever felt before.


Mostly, it’s usually the first relationship for guys. It’s very hard for them to get around these breakups.


When a guy gets such an experience he will always stay with it since it was his first.


Trust me, 99% of the guys never forget about their first love. Even if they got heartbroken they will still care about the women they dated.


Your boyfriend may still care about his ex-girlfriend and that is why he defends her.


He is defending his ex-girlfriend because he just wants to preserve and hold on to the good memories he had with her.


There is no way you can take this away from him unless he wants you to.


You can’t ask your boyfriend to forget about everything he had with his ex-girlfriend simply because you occupied his life.


He may lie to you that he is over her and he doesn’t think about her anymore but that is not the case.


So, if your boyfriend defends his ex-girlfriend he still cares deeply about her and he doesn’t want to hear you ruining her reputation in front of him.


3. He is still in touch with his ex.

Your boyfriend is still in touch with his ex-girlfriend and that is why he defends her.


They are still talking and that is why when you talk negatively about his ex he comes harder at you and objects to anything you are saying.


Part of him still thinks and perceives his ex-girlfriend as an incredible person.


Though they broke up, he still maintains a good communication line with her.


If he hasn’t told you that he still talks to his ex-girlfriend this is a sign to let you know that it’s happening.


It’s hard for a guy to defend someone he let walk away out of his life.


We always expect that when you break up with someone, you let them walk out with everything.


You don’t hold back their positive image. As time goes by when your life is occupied by someone else, you end up even forgetting how they used to handle themselves.


So, if your boyfriend still has the right features of his ex-girlfriend yet they broke up a long time ago, it’s clear that he is still in touch with her.


Otherwise, he wouldn’t have figured out if what you are talking about her isn’t right.


The communication he has with his ex-girlfriend reminds him of the positive parts of her and that is why he defends her.


4. They ended the relationship on good terms.

If your boyfriend still defends his ex it’s also possible that they ended their relationship on good terms.


They never fought or had any argument that resulted in their break up.


When a relationship ends this way it’s usually hard for a guy to hold a negative image of his ex-girlfriend.


He will always be nice to her and ensure that her positive reputation is kept intact.


Your boyfriend still defends his ex-girlfriend because he doesn’t perceive her as a bad person.


They broke up under their terms and no one is to blame for what happened.


Your boyfriend is defending her because there is nothing negative about her.


They were happy together but due to unavoidable circumstances they had to split up and that is why he is with you right now.


So, if your boyfriend walked out of his ex-girlfriend’s life not holding any grudges for her, this is one of the reasons why he still defends her honor.


You think she is a bad person, you talk bad about her but he defends her because they never parted way with a thud.


He defends his ex-girlfriend so that you don’t talk negatively about her or perceive her differently the way he does.


5. He thinks you hate his ex-girlfriend.

Your boyfriend may be defending his ex-girlfriend simply because he thinks you hate her.


why your boyfriend defends his ex girlfriend

The hatred you have for his ex-girlfriend is huge and he doesn’t want it to keep growing.


He is defending her for you not to conclude negative things about her to reduce the hatred you have for her.


Your boyfriend thinks you hate his ex-girlfriend because of the situation he is now.


He doesn’t blame his ex-girlfriend for the challenges and problems he has right now and that is why he doesn’t want you to do it.


It can be that you think his ex-girlfriend ruined his life and left a huge scar on your boyfriend but that is not how he sees it.


Your boyfriend only sees the hatred you have for her and that is why he is defending.


It can be that your boyfriend has noticed you talk negatively about her so much.


He knows that this will not mount to anything great in your relationship.


Instead, you will be based on his past more than the present he has with you and this will end up ruining your relationship.


Your boyfriend knows that if he defends his ex-girlfriend you will stop talking about her negatively and at last you will forget about her and you will focus on what you have right now.


And this is why he is defending his ex-girlfriend.


For instance, if you talk badly about her and he chooses to support you on that, this topic will always keep going. On the other hand, if he chooses to counterattack you, you will stop.


This is what your boyfriend is doing right now.



If your boyfriend defends his ex the first thing you should do is talk to him about it.


Let him know that it bothers you when he defends her.


The best thing you should do after you have told him about how you feel is to stop talking about her when you are around him.


The more you talk about her, the more you will keep on reminding him of her.


It will be harder for him to forget about her if you keep bringing her up.


Just don’t talk about her, focus on what you are building with him right now and the ex will fade away from his mind.


If you find out that he still has connections to his girlfriend, ask him to get rid of it.


You have the right to ask him of that because he is now yours.


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