Should I Let My Boyfriend Go Clubbing?

Is it okay to let your boyfriend go clubbing? Should you allow him to go clubbing? These are different questions that need different answers. In this article, I will share what you should know about all these questions and how you should handle this issue.


Maybe you don’t like clubbing the way your boyfriend does. You don’t like crowded places and you would rather chill indoors and watch some movies.


It’s not the same for your boyfriend. He is into partying and clubbing.


That is how you found him. You started dating him when he was doing all these things.


Now you are in his life, you are asking yourself whether you should let him continue doing the things he does or stop him.


On the other hand, it can be that you are also into clubbing but not as much as your boyfriend is into it.


Sometimes you don’t feel like going clubbing with him. The question comes in, should you let him go clubbing without you?


As I told you earlier, these are different questions but I  will do my best to answer them all in this article.


Should I let my boyfriend go clubbing?

You should let your boyfriend go clubbing if you are okay with it. Let him go clubbing as long as he comes back to you fine. But if you are not okay with your boyfriend going clubbing then you should let him know that you are not comfortable with the thought of him going clubbing.


should i let my boyfriend go clubbing

The response your boyfriend will give you when you tell him the truth about how you feel about him going clubbing will let you know how he feels about you.


If he loves and cares about you he will sit down with you and talk about this issue that bothers you too much.


A man who cares about your feelings will want to do things that make you happy.


So, when he realizes that you aren’t comfortable with him going clubbing he will just sit back with you and enjoy your company or he will ask you to accompany him.


It will be up to you to decide if you will go clubbing with him or you will just stay home.


But if he doesn’t care about your feelings, he doesn’t respect you and he feels you don’t have a say over what he wants, he will do things his way.


The truth is that your boyfriend can do everything he wants his way.


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You can’t stop him from going clubbing because he is not a kid. If he chooses to stay behind with you and not go clubbing it’s because he loves and respects you.


He doesn’t want you to feel like he is looking down upon you.


Either way, you have to be honest with him about how you feel. Let him know what you want and expect from him when it comes to clubbing.


Sometimes it’s not an issue of trust, but it’s how you feel about an issue.


If you tell your boyfriend that you don’t want him to go clubbing because you want him with you, he should understand that you need him.


A man who loves you should respect that and consider what you need.


But if he chooses to go clubbing even after you have told him you need him around, he doesn’t truly care about you after all.


I know this can change how you feel about him. It will be up to you to decide if you want to keep up with him or not.


Is it okay to let your boyfriend go clubbing?

It’s okay to let your boyfriend go clubbing if you trust him. You shouldn’t be worried if you know that he will never do anything to hurt your feelings. Hold on to the positive side of things that he will never break the pledge of your relationship no matter where he goes.


The truth is that if he wants to cheat on you that can happen even when you are next to him.


So, if you trust him and you know he will never do anything fishy behind your back you should let him do what he wants.


If he loves you so much, he will always come back home to you no matter where he goes.


The question is, do you trust him enough to let him go clubbing?


When the two of you are in a relationship you aren’t restricted from doing the things you enjoy.


It can be that your boyfriend likes clubbing because it helps him set his mind straight after long hours of work.


Maybe you prefer sitting down reading a novel and listening to some music to push your day.


What you need to understand is that people are different. Your boyfriend prefers something else to take him off the edge, you should understand that.


If your boyfriend enjoys clubbing and you don’t you should set some rules when it comes to it.


You need to understand each other, you have your needs and he has his.


He should tell you when he wants to go clubbing. Nothing should be kept behind the veil.


This is what will hold the positive picture in the relationship and you won’t have to be worried about anything that will come after that.


Transparency and honesty are what he should hold onto if the relationship is going to stand a chance of surviving.


As long as he doesn’t hurt your feelings in any way when he goes clubbing, he doesn’t forget that you need him, and pays attention to you when he is around there is nothing you should be worried about.


But if going clubbing affects how he interacts with you, the time he spends around you, and his attention on you, you will have to talk to him about it.


Let him know how what he does affects your relationship. If your boyfriend truly cares about you he will consider changing just to make you happy.


Clubbing isn’t something essential that he can hold on to yet he hurts your feelings.


This is something that he can choose to get rid of and focus on making you happy.


My boyfriend went clubbing without telling me

If your boyfriend went clubbing without telling you don’t make it a big deal. The first thing you have to do is confront him and tell him how you feel about it. Let him know that what he did was wrong. If he loves and cares about you he will apologize for doing it.


But if he doesn’t care about what you think and he does what he feels like despite what you need and expect from him he will never bother to talk or apologize to you.


If that is the case, your relationship with him isn’t likely to last longer.


There is no future between the two of you unless he starts to respect you and consider your feelings.


This is a big red flag.


If he starts arguing with you yet he is the one who did something wrong, just know that his ego is too big to apologize to you.


He will never apologize to you because he feels what he did was right and you have no control over what he wants to do.


Let me say he is looking down upon you.


Nevertheless, you have to be honest about what he does and make your stand.


If you don’t want to be handled the way he does you will have no choice but to let him go.


You both need to be on the same page for the relationship to work.


If your boyfriend doesn’t care about communicating with you whenever he wants to do something this shows he just doesn’t care about you.


He doesn’t value or respect you at all.


Don’t allow a guy to disrespect you no matter how much you love him.


When he notices that you take your stand on what you tell him he will change if he still wants the relationship to go on.


But when he notices you aren’t firm about what he did, he will keep playing with your feelings.


My boyfriend went clubbing without me

If you planned to go clubbing with your boyfriend and he ditched you and decided to go without you, it’s clear that he didn’t want you to accompany him. It can be that he is hiding something from you. He wanted to meet someone else at the club.


Maybe he is cheating on you with someone else and that is why he went without you.


He knew having you around would only ruin his plans to get a one-night stand thing with any chick that he may come across while in the club.


Why should he go without you when you planned to go together? Something fishy is going on and he doesn’t want you to know about it.


But you can’t just assume your boyfriend is cheating on you simply because he went clubbing without you.


Unless you have proof that he is cheating on you, just hold this to yourself.


What you need to do is to talk to him about it.


Be honest about what you feel after ditching you and going to the club alone.


If there is a reason why he did that he will tell you about it. He may lie to you, you will never know about it.


But if something is going on, one day things will just reveal themselves on your doorstep.


Your boyfriend should admit that what he did is wrong and he should apologize for it. You are not a kid to treat you the way he did.


For now, just hold on to your trust in him.


Should I be worried about my boyfriend going clubbing?

You shouldn’t be worried about your boyfriend going clubbing if you trust him. As long as he is honest with you, he tells you when he is leaving for the club and he handles you the way you expect him to, no need to be worried. The important thing is that you should communicate.


should i be worried if my boyfriend goes clubbing

If anything is bothering you about him going clubbing you should talk to him about him.


Let him know that you are worried about what he does, he will talk to you and assure you.


Maybe this might make things a little bit easier for you.


The truth is that you can’t stop him from going clubbing unless he chooses to.


If he likes clubbing and it doesn’t affect your relationship you shouldn’t be worried about a thing.


But when it affects your relationship; he doesn’t pay attention to you, he doesn’t spend time with you and he doesn’t even call or text when he is out, that is when you should be worried.


Your relationship is taking a turn for the worse.



The issue of your boyfriend going clubbing is a big deal especially when you are not into it.


But there is nothing that can’t be worked out. You need to sit down with your boyfriend and talk to him about what you expect and need from him.


If your boyfriend cares about your feelings he will stop clubbing when he realizes he is hurting you and affecting your relationship at large.


It’s not wrong to let your boyfriend go clubbing as long as he does the right thing.


But if what he does affects your relationship you will have no choice but to be honest with him.


Walk away if he is hurting you for what he does and there is no chance of him changing.


Next time you will have to find a guy who doesn’t do clubbing if you aren’t into it.


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