Is Engineering Fun In College/University? (Answered)

is engineering fun in college

With the perspective that people have about engineering, you might ask yourself if engineering is fun in college/university. This is the question that I’m going to answer in this blog and it will change your perspective at large about engineering.   If you want to know if engineering is fun in college/university then this is what … Read more

Is Engineering Harder Than Medicine? (Explained)

is engineering hard

I had this question “Is engineering harder than medicine?” this was before I started pursuing this Mechanical Engineering plant option. In this article, I will let you know if engineering is harder than medicine, business, and pharmacy.   Let us get started with medicine. Before I answer this question I would you to know that … Read more

6 Tips On How To Study Engineering Drawing

6 Tips On How To Study Engineering Drawing

In this article, I will share with you tips on how to study engineering drawing so that you can pass your exam easily. The truth is that if you are an engineering student and you don’t know how to draw then you are in a great problem.   Let me share with you the attitude I … Read more

Chain Drives Problems And Their Solutions

chair drives problems and their solutions

Chain drives have their problems just like any other instrument that can be used in power transmission. As these chain drives are used for a while they will develop some problems which will decrease their efficiency when it comes to power transmission.   When these problems develop in these chain drives, without immediate maintenance they might fail … Read more

4 Design Factors Of a Gravity Conveyor/ Roller

gravity conveyor design

For these gravity conveyors to convey material they have to be designed in a way that will make it easier for the material to move from one point to another. The term “gravity conveyor” simply suggests that this type of material handling equipment takes advantage of gravity to convey materials.   We all know that if this is … Read more

Difference Between Positive Displacement and Dynamic Compressors

Difference Between Positive Displacement and Dynamic Compressors

In this article, I will share with you the difference between a positive displacement and a dynamic compressor.   Generally, compressors are of two types; the positive displacement type and the dynamic one.   The positive displacement types are further into reciprocating and rotary types of compressors.   You might like this: Reciprocating Air Compressor: … Read more