How Guys Feel When Girls Like Them

You are wondering how guys feel when girls like them? They feel so good about themselves and it also increases their confidence, but there’s more.


To be honest, all guys love it when women love them. If you observe keenly, you will find out that most guys do what they do to attract girls’ attention.


How would you feel when the skincare routine gives you the results you expected?


You will feel so motivated and want to keep it going to keep your skin shining.


It’s the same thing with men, when they attract female attention and that is what they have been working on exactly, it boosts their confidence and energy.


They are motivated to keep working on themselves, their ego goes a little above their ears and many other feelings and behaviors will start to emerge.


So, without wasting time, let me take you through everything you should about how men feel when women like them.


I’ll be honest with you, I am a man, I’ll start from my experience.


This is how guys feel when girls like them;

1. They feel good about themselves.

The first thing that guys feel when they find out that girls like them is increased self-esteem.


hows guys feel when a girl likes them

It’s just like the opposite of what guys feel when they are rejected.


This goes to every gender. It’s not men only who end up feeling good about themselves when they find out that they are loved.


When a guy finds out that a girl likes him it makes him feel great about himself.


The way he perceives himself changes, the positive self-image of himself gets better and it pushes him to do more.


They feel they are better than they thought they were. This is the first feeling that increases their self-esteem.


It will also push them to start interacting more with other guys because they will feel that they have a certain image that is appreciated by women.


The feeling of them being better increases their confidence.


It’s the same feeling that will also contribute to their interaction with other people.


The moment a man realizes that girls like him and he can easily pull any woman to his side, this will make him feel so great and he will start acting on it.


He might even end up approaching different girls in the streets and online just to gauge how girls feel about him.


It’s not that all these girls he will seduce he is interested in them.


A good guy will just talk to these girls and find out how they feel about him and after that, he will just distance himself from them.


Other guys use this to take advantage of girls because they know they can get any woman they want anywhere.


This is what guys feel when girls like them.


When a guy has an impression of himself as being better, it can be a good or bad thing depending on the individual.


2. They feel excited and happy.

When guys find out that girls like them they feel so happy and excited.


As I said earlier, many guys try everything they can to attract positive attention from women.


They work on their dreams, shape their bodies, and chase fame to just attract women.


Every man desires to be loved by a beautiful woman. A beautiful woman to a man, is the man’s type.


The definition of a beautiful woman changes from a man to a man.


The woman I think is attractive to me might not be my friend.


So, when guys realize that girls like them it fills their hearts with joy and contentment.


They feel that they are at the level they need to be.


And that is why guys who are famous and attract positive attention always love the feeling of every woman chanting their names.


You might not hear them saying that they love it when women give them attention and beg to be with them but it makes them so happy.


When guys find out that girls like them it makes them more happy because they feel it’s an achievement on what they have been working on.


That’s why guys on social media post their pictures shirtless just to get some feedback from women.


The comments and likes about how incredible their bodies are make them feel happy.


Men and women search for this feeling by doing things to get the right feedback from other people.


It’s not only on guys but women too.


3. They start feeling they have control over the girls who like them.

When guys find out that girls like them it makes them feel powerful.


Have you ever heard of the alpha theory?


The alpha males are the guys who are better in every aspect of their lives; this makes it easier for them to attract women of different statuses.


Their status and how they look make them feel more valuable and have control over every woman they end up having in their lives.


When guys find out that girls like them, they are irresistible and every woman keeps expressing their feelings to them, this much attention makes them feel powerful.


They end up feeling that they can control the women they have in their lives.


That is why some guys who get extra attention from women end up mistreating the ones they have in their lives.


They do that knowing that there are other women lined up for them and are begging to be with them.


This is the negative part of what this feeling of being liked and loved contributes to some men.


I know you have heard so many cases of male celebrities mistreating their women, cheating on them, and even hurting them physically.


They don’t care about what other people will do and say about them because, at the end of the day, they know women like them.


This feeling of them being powerful ends up resulting in them being toxic.


Some men will use this aspect to make their relationships better while others will misuse this.


4. It increases their pride.

When guys find out that girls need them it increases their pride.


It makes them consider themselves better men.


We have some men who let this feeling get over their heads. Letting this feeling control how they react and perceive other women.


They start boosting about how incredible they are just from the impression they get from these women who like them.


This increases their pride; their ego grows bigger and they start feeling too valuable.


When you hear them talking they will always mention how amazing they are and that many women need them.


They expect to get special treatment from the women they have in their lives because they think they are valuable.


It gets to a point where they start considering other women not good enough for them.


They become choosy about the kind of girls they interact with. They reject genuine average women who want to be with them because they feel they need a specific type of woman.


The same feeling makes them selective and expect girls to give in to them easily when they approach them.


5. They feel that they can attract more women in their lives.

When guys know that girls like them it makes them think that they can attract more.


They make a quest to increase the number of women who want to be around them.


Some guys feel that they can attract more women by increasing what they were doing before since it brought them some good results.


If it’s hitting the gym consistently, keep buying amazing outfits to keep the noticeable and posting more on their social media accounts.


They call it “up scalping” to get more women to follow them and keep liking them.


We have guys who focus all their efforts on improving how great they look just to keep attracting women’s attention.


A guy never had a tattoo before, the moment he notices his body takes shape and women like him, he goes and adds a tattoo on it.


This is just to keep increasing the eyeballs.


Anyway, this is not general for all men. We have men who aren’t affected by the attention they get from women.


They don’t let how women feel about them change their personality at all.


When a woman whom they find attractive likes them they don’t just jump at the opportunity or find a way to increase the number.


What they do is take things slow and learn more about the women who claim they have feelings for them.


They stay simple and keep on pushing their normal routines and they don’t let women’s attention dictate how they roll.


6. They feel their lifestyle choice is better for them.

The moment a man finds out that women like him it makes him feel that he has a great lifestyle.


This makes a man cling to what he does and maintains it.


What you should know about men is that they love it when women adore them because of what they do.


If a guy is a content creator, he will keep pushing amazing content and he will consider it his best lifestyle choice.


This is because what he does attracts girls to like them.


A large percentage of guys who work so hard to attract girls will always check out the kind of lifestyle they choose.


When they notice that being an artist doesn’t do them any better they will switch and start doing something else that will give them the chance to attract more ladies.


These now are the guys that are moved by the current.


But the guys who do what they do because it’s their passion and it’s the life they chose to live, will always stick to what they work on even if it doesn’t attract the people they want to have in their lives.


So, the way a guy will feel when he realizes that girls like him mainly depends on how he perceives that feeling.


It ruins the lifestyle of some guys while it makes other guys better.


7. It makes some men more productive.

When a guy finds out that the girl he likes, likes him too it makes him more productive.


how a guy feels when you like him

He feels that since the girl he likes is on his radar, he should focus more on building his life.


This will make him more productive than he was ever before.


We have some guys whose lives improve the moment they start dating.


This is because they use their relationship as a motivation factor to become even better guys.


When guys find out that girls like them they become more productive to impress the girls and make their lives better.


If a guy wants to be with you and he finds that you also want the same thing, he will start working on his life to make you comfortable and happy when you are around him.


This will be a reason for him to keep even working harder on his dreams.


He will stop chasing other women and focus on the one he has thus making him more productive.



What I have shared in this article doesn’t cover every guy. Some guys are different and aren’t affected by how girls feel about them.


They will only be affected by the women they care about.


When you show a guy that you like him and it changes him for the worst just know that he’s not the right one for you.


He is likely going to be a bad man for you.


A man who likes you the moment he notices you like him too will handle you with respect and show you how happy he is having you around.


All guys are usually excited when they find out that the girls they are interested in like them too.


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