How Guys Feel After Rejecting A Girl

How do guys feel when they reject a girl who expresses her feelings to them? Do they feel bad for rejecting her? Do they feel guilty?


I know you have so many questions but you will find answers in this article.


You want to know how guys feel when they say no to a girl who is into them.


The way a guy will feel when he rejects a girl depends on how he feels about her.


If he was closer to that girl he rejected, in one way or the other he would also be affected by the rejection he gave to her.


It doesn’t mean that when a guy is not into you he won’t feel anything after rejecting you.


Some guys reject girls based on different things and it’s not about how they feel about them.


Let me share what you should know about how guys feel when they reject a girl.


This is how guys feel after rejecting a girl;

1. They feel guilty if they are close to the girl.

When guys reject a girl it doesn’t mean that they won’t feel anything.


how guys feel after rejecting a girl

In the same way, girls sometimes feel guilty for rejecting a guy, it’s the same case with guys.


Men also have feelings. They also can break when something harder hits them.


So, don’t conclude that when a guy rejects you, it won’t bother him at all if you are closer to him.


If you have been friends for a while, you know each other better, you used to hang out a lot and help each other in so many ways, the moment things change it will bother him.


You have expressed your feelings, poured out your soul letting him know how you feel about him.


Any man knows that it takes so much courage for a woman to open up to any man about how she feels.


Men know that it’s hard for women to approach guys. So, if you made the effort to express your feelings to him and he rejected you, it will affect him.


If you were so close, he would feel guilty for rejecting you.


It’s not because he loves you and that is why he feels guilty for saying no to you.


You were close to him, you were good friends, and now that has changed because he has told you the truth about how he feels about you.


He will feel he has hurt your feelings. You will be distanced from him because you know that he doesn’t feel the same way you do for him.


Guys feel guilty when they reject a girl who is so close to them.


They will feel they have hurt the girl but there is nothing they can do about it because they don’t feel anything more for her.


Some guys after they reject a girl will try to get closer to her to explain why they rejected her and even work away around the friendship to stand still.


This is all because they feel guilty for rejecting a girl who was so close to them.


2. Others end up feeling special and wanted.

While other guys feel guilty for rejecting a girl some end up feeling special and wanted.


What you have to know is that guys have a huge ego, they can’t handle it.


Most of them don’t show it.


The moment a guy realizes that you are into him, he will feel that he is so special.


Some guys will even enjoy watching you crying for them when expressing what you feel for them.


What you should understand is that it’s rare for the guys to be approached.

Guys are mostly the ones who do the first approach.


The moment a girl approaches a man and expresses her feelings to him, the man will feel so special and wanted.


If the guy goes ahead and rejects the girl and he notices that she is hurt and still begs for him to let him.


This will make the man feel special. This is what will grow the ego of this guy.


Other guys feel special and wanted when they reject a girl because she confirms to them that they are approachable.


3. They feel they have control over the girl.

What you need to understand is that men love the idea of being in power.


Nothing hurts men more than not being able to take control of a situation.


And that is why most men are usually affected by the rejection. Some end up doing so many things to get over it and find ways to improve themselves.


It’s because they hate being under the shadow—not noticeable by the people they want so badly.


When a girl approaches a man and he turns down her because of several reasons, the man will end up feeling entitled.


He will feel he has power and control over the girl because she wants something from him.


Guys feel they have control and power over the girl they reject.


You need to understand that other guys will start taking advantage of girls who are into them.


If a guy doesn’t want to be with you because of several reasons but you keep on begging and fighting harder for him to let you in, it will give him more power.


You will give the guy the power to handle you the way he feels like.


Guys will notice that the girl is desperate because she is into them and there is nothing she can do about it.


This is the point where you will find that other girls are being exploited by guys without knowing.


A girl will just conclude that she is winning him over without realizing that she is being used because she is blinded by what she feels for the guy.


This is the point where guys start using girls for their bodies, money, and attention.


Guys feel they have power and control over the girls they reject and some of them will try to use that to exploit and manipulate.


This is how guys feel when they reject a girl.


4. Some guys won’t be bothered by anything after rejecting a girl.

Some guys won’t feel anything after rejecting a girl. They will just continue pushing their lives like nothing happened.


These are the high-value men. A high-value man; who has everything he wants, he has most of his goals achieved and he is in his prime, he is indeed approached by so many girls.


So many women want him because they know he can provide financial security.


This kind of guy is picky because he knows what women want from him.


He knows that if he rejects a single girl now, three other girls will come begging him to let them in.


These are the kinds of guys that aren’t bothered by how a girl feels for them.


They will reject a girl and keep taking their daily schedule like nothing happened at all.


These guys have been rejecting so many girls to the extent that it has become something normal for them to do.


We also have those who won’t be bothered by a girl they rejected.


If a guy wasn’t friendly to the girl, he didn’t know her that much and he didn’t want anything to do with her not even friendship, he wouldn’t feel anything for rejecting her.


When a guy doesn’t feel anything for you, he won’t feel anything when he rejects you.


You will be hurting but he won’t be bothered by anything no matter how hard you try to show him that you are into him.


If a guy doesn’t know you and you are not that close, when he rejects you, he won’t feel anything disturbing.


5. They feel relieved for letting out the truth.

As harsh as it may sound, other guys are usually relieved after rejecting a girl.


when a guy rejects a girl

If a girl has been fighting harder to express her feelings in so many ways for the guy to understand that she is into him, this could also be hard for the guy to watch and experience since the feeling is not mutual.


It’s just like disturbing someone busy trying to focus on something important.


When you interrupt someone doing something important he will feel disturbed.


So, you were trying all the tricks to show him that you are into him, giving him the signs and trying games to pull him closer, and he felt disturbed.


He couldn’t wait to tell you the truth so that he could get back to what he was focusing on.


After rejecting you, he felt relieved because he knew you wouldn’t keep on bothering him since you now know he doesn’t love you.


Some guys find it hard to tell the truth about how they feel for someone because they are usually afraid of the aftermath.


They usually think about how things will be between the two of you after they say no to you.


So, when they get the chance and energy to tell you the truth about how they feel about you, it makes them feel that they have unloaded a heavy burden off their shoulder.


This is what I mean when I say that guys feel relieved after rejecting a girl.



If a guy rejects you, don’t force yourself on him. Forcing yourself on someone will only make them feel that you are desperate for them and they will try to take advantage of you.


Don’t think so much about how a guy feels when he rejects you; it won’t help you in a way.


You should only focus on becoming the better version of yourself for you to attract high-value men.


Accept the fact that the guys you want won’t always feel the same for you.


Not all guys will love you back.


Don’t degrade yourself towards a guy for him to let you in.


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