5 Function Of Water Distribution Reservoirs

Water distribution reservoirs are very important in water distribution systems.


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In this article, I will share the functions of water distribution reservoirs.


Distribution reservoirs are usually connected to water distribution systems.


The only function you can think of now is that they help store water and distribution it to the water distribution system.


But there is more to them than only these two functions.


Without wasting time, let me share the functions of the water distribution reservoir.


These are the 5 functions of water distribution reservoirs;

1. They provide water storage.

Treated water that is to be distributed to the consumers is usually stored in these water distribution reservoirs.


This ends up being the storage of the treated water to be supplied to the consumers.


When the water is not being distributed, if the distribution system is closed then water is going to be stored in these distribution reservoirs.


2. Reduces water fluctuations.

Water fluctuations will always be one of the problems in water distribution systems.


The fluctuations of water tend to limit water supply to different areas of the consumers.


You will find out that other parts receive enough water from the system while others, very little.


These water fluctuations are usually caused as a result of differences in pressure and elevation.


Sometimes leakages also can also cause these fluctuations.


The water distribution reservoirs tend to provide enough water to cover these fluctuations thus ensuring enough water distribution all over the system.


Without these distribution reservoirs, the fluctuations will affect the water distribution system greatly.


3. Supply water during emergencies.

You have to understand that emergencies can’t be escaped when it comes to water distribution.


Especially with the changing climate, water shortages are likely to be experienced.


When the main source providing water to the water distribution system doesn’t meet the water demand then the distribution reservoirs will be there to cover that.


The distribution reservoirs will provide water to the consumers through the water distribution system until the main source of water shortage is resolved.


That is why distribution reservoirs are very important in water distribution systems.


With distribution reservoirs in place, water shortages are unlikely to be experienced by consumers.


4. Maintain constant pressure in the distribution main.

The pressure of water in the distribution system is very important when it comes to supplying water to consumers.


If the pressure significantly drops then water may end up not reaching some other parts of the distribution system.


Especially, areas with high elevations are likely to experience water shortages.


That is not the only reason why pressure drops in these distributions main.


Pressure drops can be caused by broken water mains, leakages along the pipelines, power outages, failed pumping systems, high water demand and pipeline blockages.


When the pressure drops, the distribution reservoirs will sometime maintain the constant pressure in the distribution main.


But if the pressure drop is due to problems associated with technical issues like the pipelines and the pumping mechanisms then the distribution reservoirs won’t be able to fix that.


If the pressure drops due to changes in elevations or demands the distribution reservoirs can cover that.


We can say that distribution reservoirs maintain constant pressure in the distribution mains.


5. Provide constant water for domestic use.

Since the water distribution reservoirs serve as a storage for the treated water that needs to be distributed to the consumers, it provides constant water for domestic use.


Water to be distributed to the consumers is taken from the reservoirs.


If there are any shortages from the source then the reservoirs will keep on providing water to the consumers.


This reduces water shortages for the consumers hence constant water is provided to the consumers.


I guess that is pretty explanatory.


Final thought


Water distribution reservoirs are important in the water distribution system because of the critical functions they take.


There is an extra cost that will be incurred when one chooses to use water distribution reservoirs.


We have the maintenance cost, the initial cost of the reservoir and the space needed.


All these are worth it because of the services that these reservoirs provide to the distribution main.


If you have any questions you should leave your comment in the comment section.


Thanks for reading, see you in my next article.


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