Advantages Of Steel Chimney Over Masonry (Concrete) Chimneys

In this article, I will share the advantages of steel chimneys over masonry chimneys.


I know you may be debating whether to use steel or bricks and concrete when designing and building your chimney.


Concrete chimneys are way popular because of one thing; they have a longer life than steel chimneys.


The masonry chimneys have a useful life of about 35 to 50 years, while steel chimneys they have about 8 to 15 years.


This might directly make you jump to the conclusion that masonry chimneys are the way to go.


But before you make such a decision, let me share the advantages of using steel chimneys over masonry ones.


These are the advantages of steel chimneys over masonry (concrete) chimneys;

1. The overall cost of a steel chimney is lower.

The overall cost of constructing a steel chimney is lower compared to a masonry chimney.


advantages of steel chimney over masonry

When it comes to constructing and designing the steel chimney the only thing you will have to think about is the material and its construction.


This means you will spend money on the material (steel) and the necessary things needed like the lighting conductor, aircraft warning lights and the access path.


You will also have to pay the people who are going to construct the chimney and that is all.


But when it comes to concrete chimneys, you will have to purchase the materials needed, you will need to design where the chimney will be, you will need to pay for its construction and it’s probably going to take longer than the construction of steel chimney.


With concrete, you need people who can build and be able to count all the things that they will require when it comes to its construction.


Its construction is going to cost you more than a steel chimney, remember you aren’t still done with its installation.


So, the overall cost of the steel chimney is lower compared to the masonry chimney.


And that is why it’s advantageous to use a steel chimney over a masonry one.


2. It’s easier to construct a steel chimney.

The construction of a steel chimney is easier. I said earlier that you only need to purchase the steel and let the workers fabricate it.


That is all you will have to do.


But when it comes to concrete chimneys, you will have to go through complicated issues of building again.


It will be like a mini construction within the power plant. You will need to follow the procedures that you did when you were building up the power plant.


The wrong move in building the chimney where it’s not supposed to be will result in huge losses.


After building the chimney you will need to furnish it.


Leaving it without furnishing it will only result in its inefficiency.


3. The steel chimney is lighter in weight.

Steel chimney is lighter in weight and that is why it’s advantageous compared to masonry one.


This makes it easier to install the chimney where it’s supposed and makes the installation cheaper.


With the steel chimney being lighter in weight, operators won’t have to go to the extent of coming up with a super strong foundation for the chimney.


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This kind of chimney can be moved easily from one point to another if there is a change in the layout of the power plant.


And this is why it’s advantageous to use a steel chimney over a masonry one.


The masonry chimney is heavier because it consists of bricks, metal and concrete.


When it comes to its relocation, it’s a disaster; it won’t be easier to move it from one point to another.


4. Less space is required for its installation.

A steel chimney requires less space when it comes to its installation.


You only need the place to install it and set it up.


But with the masonry chimney, you need a large space because you will be building it.


The foundation of the masonry chimney will have to be bigger to hold the bricks, metal structure and concrete.


So, if the power plant’s space is limited, it will be a challenge to build such kind of a chimney.


The construction of the chimney will result in other important components in the power plant being placed outside which will end up ruining the power plant layout.


A steel chimney is considered when the space of the power plant is small.




These are the advantages of using a steel chimney over a masonry one. Take your time to think through which will be the best chimney according to what you are planning to achieve.


You should also think about the efficiency of the chimney. Do your research and find out if the power plant you are about to install a chimney in will perform better with a steel chimney or a masonry one.


It’s easier to install a steel chimney and relocate it since it’s lighter in weight compared to a concrete chimney.


One thing you should know is that a masonry chimney has a longer life compared to a steel chimney.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions just leave a comment. See you in my next article.


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