Factors Influencing The Choice Of Machine Foundation

Before selecting a machine foundation for a particular machine set up you have to know some details about the foundation you are going to use.


In this article, I’m going to be sharing with you some of the things to consider when choosing a machine foundation.


If you don’t know what machine foundation is then this is what you should know;


machine foundation is the setting up of the space that the machine will occupy so that when the machine is operating it doesn’t affect the plant ground, the operators or the people near the plant.


Before you use a machine you have to ensure that it’s in the right foundation to make the use of that machine easier.


Here are some of the main purposes of machine foundation;

  1. Machine foundation is used to distribute the load of the machine so that it doesn’t affect the floor of the plant.
  2. It aids in maintaining the plant structures since when the machine is vibrating the forces that are transmitted to the ground can damage the plant structures.
  3. A machine foundation is used to keep the plant organized since each machine will be placed in a specified location within the plant.
  4. Machine foundations help in maintaining the machine since the vibrations coming from the machine when is operating it will be controlled.


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With these points, you now know that machine foundation is very essential for machine placement and set up in the plant.


So, let me share with you some of the things you need to know about the selection of machine foundations.


Factors to consider when selecting a machine foundation;

1. The cost of the foundation.

Before you select a machine foundation for a particular machine layout you have to know the cost of the machine foundation.


If you don’t know the cost of the foundation then you should approximate the amount of money needed for such a foundation.


Not all machine foundations will have the same cost of construction.


Some foundations are more costly than others and that is why you have to pick a machine foundation that has a lower cost but is effective.


The cost of a machine foundation will depend on these factors;

  1. It will depend on the type of machine you want to install in the foundation.
  2. The working method of the machine; is a machine with medium shock or impacts load or machinery with large shocks or impact load.
  3. The materials that will be used to construct the foundation also play a big part when it comes to the cost of the foundation.
  4. The actual size and weight of the machine foundation also can influence the cost.


These are just some important points you should put in your head when considering the construction cost of that machine foundation.


The main aim for this is that you get to construct a machine foundation at a lower cost and that is very effective in meeting your needs.


You have to be economical when it comes to the choice of machine foundation you want to use for a particular machine.


2. Soil condition of the soil.

The soil condition of the plants also matters when it comes to the choice of machine foundation.


The soil in the plant should be inspected to check the type of machine foundation it can handle.


Some of the soils can’t handle heavy loads that are frequently impacted by extra heavy loads.


If you will not choose the foundation that fits the soil of that ground then you will cause damage to the plant’s ground floor and the machine, if it goes further you can even cause accidents.


For instance, if the plant’s ground floor is made up of clay or silt then this is not suitable for very heavy machines that operate under impact load.


This means that as the machine will be operating it will be breaking down the soil particles on the floor.


It will eventually result in a massive hole where the machine is installed.


The best soil for machine foundation is loam, rock and gravel. These are the soil that handles a great machine foundation.


If you want to use a machine foundation on silt or clay, it will be better if the machine is suspended in the air.


3. Effects and after-effects of the construction.

When constructing the machine foundation you should expect several effects.


Even after constructing the foundation, you will also come across some after-effects.


The machine foundation that is selected should ensure that there are fewer negative effects during construction and even after construction.


If the machine foundation selected will greatly affect the plant structures then it should be avoided.


One should select a machine foundation that will not cause problems with the structure of the plant or the operation of other machines.


If the machine foundation will prevent the other machines from operating in the plant then it’s not a suitable foundation and it should be avoided.


Also, if the machine foundation will result in great damage to many plant structures it the plant then it should be avoided.


The foundation choice should have fewer effects when it’s employed to save resources and keep the plant running even when one machine is in the installation process.


4. The depth needed for such a foundation.

This is another important consideration when it comes to the selection of machine foundations.


The depth needed for a certain machine installation also comes in handy.


Some machine foundations will require the machine to be partially buried while others will need the machine to be on top of the ground.


This factor of the depth of the machine foundation will depend on the type of machine foundation that will be used in that plant.


For instance, if the machine foundation will be operating on impact large impact loads then it will need to be buried partially so that it can handle the work that is done.


But if you think of machinery that has no shock load but operates under a high speed you will probably need a cock for that.


So, the depth of the machine foundation depends on the choice of machine foundation.


This is another factor that influences the choice of machine foundation.


5. Bearing capacity failure of the foundation.

The bearing capacity of the foundation is the ability of the foundation to hold the machine in place.


Some foundations will be great but they won’t have the capability of handling a certain load for a considerable amount of time.


If the machine is operated frequently then one will have to check on the foundation condition frequently.


This is not something one wants to go through in a plant environment since it’s a waste of time.


The time that could have been used to check the machine foundation frequently could have been put to better use for the production of products.


So, before selecting the machine foundation one must check if the bearing capacity failure of the foundation will be safe against the load of the machine.


If the bearing capacity failure of the foundation is not safe then that machine foundation should not be employed.


But if the bearing capacity failure of the ground is safe then one should go for that foundation.


6. Erosion of the ground.

Ground erosion is another factor that should be put into consideration.


The condition of the ground also plays a big part when it comes to the choice of machine foundation.


If the ground has a high rate of erosion then the type of machine foundation selected should put that into a measure.


You can’t use a machine foundation that the ground condition can’t handle.


The ground should not be waterlogged since this will negatively affect the machine foundation.


When the ground is waterlogged it will sip water into the ground and as time goes by the machine foundation will be weaker.


And this will end up messing up with the machine foundation.


7. The ease of construction of the machine foundation.

This is another factor that you should put into consideration when selecting a machine foundation.


The machine foundation one has selected should facilitate the ease of construction.


Operators don’t have the whole year to construct a machine foundation.


Selecting a machine foundation that is easy to construct and effective will save much time and resources.


If the type of machine foundation one wants to select isn’t easier to construct and yet there is another choice of machine foundation that is easier to construct then one should pick the easier one.


The ease of construction of the foundation will depend upon the type of machine foundation, the working condition of the machine, the size of the machine and the weight of the machine.


So, if there is a way one can get a machine foundation that takes a short period to construct then that should be the best choice.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions leave your comment. If you also have any additional points, leave your comment too.


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