10 Factors To Consider When Choosing a Boiler

In this article, I will share the factors you should consider when choosing a boiler.


If you are reading this article, you already know that there are different types of boilers.


Check the article below if you know nothing about the type of boilers.


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There are several things you should consider before deciding on which type of boiler you want to use.


The factors I will share in this article, are what will determine how you are going to choose your boiler.


Without wasting time, let me share what you need to know about these boilers.


These are the factors to consider before choosing a boiler;

1. Boiler efficiency.

This is the first factor one should consider when choosing a boiler.


The boiler chosen to be used in any plant or building should fulfil this factor.


The main reason why we need a boiler system installed is to ensure that we get the most out of it.


If it’s supposed to produce energy the energy should be reliable and meet our demands.


It would be of no use if we buy a boiler that can’t even measure up to what we expect of it.


The boiler selected should have high efficiencies to fulfil the energy requirements of the processes that need steam in either a building or plant.


If you want a boiler that produces steam with higher pressure then you should consider going for water tube boilers which have an efficiency of about 95%.


Check the energy requirements and choose your boiler appropriately.


2. Size of the boiler.

The size of the boiler is another factor that one should consider before buying a boiler.


If you want a boiler to be used in a certain location, you have to be aware of the space needed for that boiler to be installed.


The space we have in our plants or buildings is limited. You don’t have the whole building or plant to install your boiler.


There should be economic usage of the space.


So, you need to choose a boiler that is perfectly going to fit into the allocated plant layout template the boiler was supposed to be installed.


The foundation is another issue that you will have to deal with when installing the boiler.


So, you should consider the space, weight and foundation that you are going to install the boiler.


Select a boiler of appropriate size and it’s going to make work easier for you when it comes to installing, maintaining and repairing it.


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3. Cost of the purchase, operation and maintenance.

The cost of the initial purchase of the boiler is another factor that is going to direct you to which kind of boiler is suitable for the work you want to do with it.


It’s the reality that you can’t just purchase any boiler you want to because of the amount of money you will have to invest in it.


Some boilers are way more expensive than others. Water tube boilers are more expensive than fire tube boilers.


The cost of the boiler being higher doesn’t necessarily tell you that it’s the perfect one.


So, you have to be careful when it comes to the cost of the boiler and what it can offer.


But some boilers may be so cheap but they can’t get the job done.


These are the kinds of boilers you should stay away from. Don’t think that purchasing cheap boilers will save you from spending so much money.


You will have a problem with these boilers because they won’t be able to give you the energy you require from them.


This will result in you wasting water, and fuel and nothing significant is happening with the boilers you bought.


The boiler should be at a considerable price but also reliable. Don’t just choose any cheap boiler simply because I said that it’s a factor you should consider.


Also, you should choose a boiler that doesn’t cost much to operate.


These costs can be incurred from the type of fuel used, the feed water and so many other factors that I can’t even complete sharing.


So, ensure that the boiler you are choosing operates economically without issues and it delivers the quality steam that is required by the processes.


The other issue that causes pocket drainage is when it comes to the maintenance of the boiler.


Some boilers will need so much money for them to be maintained than others.


When we compare water tube boilers to fire tube boilers, we will find that the maintenance cost of water tube boilers is very high.


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4. Ease of maintenance.

This is another important factor one should consider when choosing a boiler.


The boiler should be easier to maintain because it’s the maintenance that keeps the boiler running smoothly.


If maintaining the boiler is going to be hard, this is going to slow down the processes that require steam from the boiler.


The productivity is going to be low and this is likely going to result in the shutdown of the boiler.


If it’s harder to maintain the boiler because of how complicated the boiler is, then no one will be willing to maintain it.


The only thing you will have to do is spend money for it to be maintained because you can’t simply do it by yourself or your crew.


When you choose a boiler, ensure that when it comes to maintenance of the boiler it’s easier to do so.


This is one thing that will always make your processes go smoothly in your plant or domestic uses.


5. Safety of the boiler.

Safety of the boiler is very essential when it comes to operation. The accidents as a result of the boiler tend to be very critical.


When selecting a boiler, ensure that it’s safe to operate the boiler under different conditions.


Whether the steam pressure is high or low, handling it should be easier and safer.


The safety of the boiler is brought about by the mountings and accessories used with the boiler.


If the mountings and accessories are in good shape and they can handle what is going on then that boiler is safe to use.


For instance, if the safety valves of the boiler have issues and when the boiler’s steam pressure is high there is likely going to be an accident then you will have to let go of that boiler.


You don’t want a boiler installed in your building or plant and you are always worried that it’s going to explode any time.


The controls of the boiler also are essential in ensuring its safety of the boiler.


The controls should give you room to control the load produced by the boiler.


This is what will ensure that you are always safe when dealing with this boiler.


Safety is the number one factor that you should consider before choosing a boiler.


If safety is not going to be considered the rest of the factors in this article will never matter to anyone.


6. Emissions to the atmosphere.

The boiler chosen should have minimal emissions into the atmosphere.


We have to protect the biosphere we live in.


So, when you want to purchase a boiler, you have to ensure that it’s going to have minimal gaseous pollutants taken into the atmosphere.


Selecting a boiler with minimal emissions to the atmosphere is going to save you from trouble with the environmental guys and also the amount of money you would have spent cleaning the air before it’s released into the atmosphere.


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You must choose a boiler whose method of firing and the gasses emitted by it is not going to cause any harm to anyone.


7. Type of fuel needed.

The type of fuel needed for the boiler is also another factor you should consider.


You should understand that the steam generated by the boiler will be a result of the combustion taking place.


The boiler you choose should be able to utilize high-graded and low-grade coal.


If it’s using oil, it should be able to use oil of low quality and high quality and produce the required steam quality.


The type of fuel needed for the boiler should also be cheap, it should not contain large content of sulphur and it should be easier to handle the fuel.


These are just some of the factors you should put into consideration when buying a boiler.


The type of fuel needed by the boiler is a very important factor you should check keenly because without the fuel there will be no steam generation at all.


8. Durability of the boiler.

When you choose a boiler you should go for one that is durable.


The life of the boiler is also another factor that should be put into consideration before purchasing one.


Don’t just buy any boiler simply because you feel that it looks fancy and it’s going to give you prestige.


Do your research, talk to people who have been using these boilers and listen to what they have to tell you.


The people who have been using these boilers for longer have an idea of which ones are durable.


This will ensure that you don’t select a boiler that isn’t even going to last for 5 years.


The durability of these boilers is brought about by their design factors.


The materials that are used to build these boilers and their capacities.


The other thing you should also consider is the warranty on the boiler.


Ensure that the boiler you want to purchase has a warranty of about 10 to 15 years so that when anything goes wrong these guys can come and fix it for you without you spending more on it.


I believe that a company that sells you a boiler with a warranty of about 10 to 15 years are pretty sure that you aren’t going to call them back in that period.


This clearly shows that what they produce is of the quality you need.


9. Type of the boiler.

The type of boiler you select also matters when it comes to different operations.


Before you select a boiler you should know the type of boiler that will be suitable for you.


You can’t just use any boiler simply because you need one.


Take your time and think through, check the processes you are dealing with, the load that you need from the boiler and the efficiency; this is what will give you a direction on which type of boiler you should choose.


The main types of boilers are fire tube and water tube boilers. So, does your operation needs a fire tube or water tube boiler?


Let me give you a hint here, if you want a boiler that produces steam with very high pressures and efficiency then you should go for the water tube boiler type.


But if your processes don’t need a heavy load of the steam then a fire tube boiler is a good one for you.


10. Start-up time of the boiler.

Not all boilers take the same time to be started. Some boilers take way longer to start generating steam.


This is another important factor you should consider when choosing a boiler.


The quicker the boiler starts the faster the operations are handled.


This increases productivity and keeps you on top of your production game.


If you want a boiler that starts up faster then you should go for a water tube boiler.


On average it takes about 7 minutes for the steam to be generated while fire tube boilers take about 15 minutes.


Choose wisely, also when choosing this factor you should ensure they align with all other factors that you want your boiler to meet.


Final thoughts


These are the factors that you should consider before choosing a boiler for any process.


If you put them into consideration nothing will go wrong when you get your boiler.


The type of boiler you will select will be highly influenced by the processes you want to handle using the steam.


The application of your boiler is what will guide you on which type of boiler you should go for.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions you should leave your comment.


See you in my next article.


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