How To Study With Music

In this article, I will share how you can study with music.


It can be that you are searching for some tips that can help you focus on your studies while listening to some music.


Studying with music is amazing since it lights up your environment and makes your studying fun.


If you are not in the mood to study, turning your favourite music on is likely going to help you study.


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I know you are searching for tips because you have an issue maintaining your focus on your studies while the music is playing.


I have some tips that are going to help you make it easier for you to study while listening to music.


This is something I used to do when I was in college, and I know it can work for you, too, if you follow the tips I will share in this article.


Without wasting time, let me share what you need to know about this.

This is how to study with music;

1. Choose a soft music playlist.

If you want to study with music, this is a tip you should consider.


You can’t just use any music to study. Some music will completely take away your focus from your studies.


So, it’s always better to choose your playlist before you decide to keep playing it.


You have to choose soft music, instrumental or just some beats.


Your main intention here is to ensure that the music doesn’t distract you from your studies.


The main goal here is to study with music, not letting the music distract you from studying.


And that is why you must choose the right music.


If you pick the wrong music, it will be hard for you to focus on your studies.


You will start concentrating on the music instead of what you are studying, and without realizing it, you will use so many hours to study than usual.


When your focus is low, you will be repeating the same things over and over.


So, choose a soft music playlist that will keep you entertained and, at the same time, keep you focused on your studies.


2. Don’t keep the volume too high.

If you want to study with music, you have to keep the volume low; keeping the volume too loud will only distract you from studying.


You won’t be able to focus on your studies; you might even damage your eardrums if you are using headphones, earphones or AirPods.


So, if you want to study comfortably with music, ensure that the volume won’t take away your focus.


This is another tip you should consider if you want to study with music.


You study with music to entertain yourself and make your study environment fun.


If the music is too loud, it will destroy that conducive environment.


Ensure it’s a volume that won’t bother you at all; that is how you will manage to study with music.


3. Pick the units or subjects to study with the music.

There are some units or subjects that you can easily study while the music is playing.


But there are some units or subjects that will require you to be in a very quiet environment for you to concentrate.


So, if you know that you are trying to study a topic you can’t understand at all, I don’t recommend you to study with music.


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You need to study in a quiet environment to be able to process every detail of what you are reading.


Studying with music will only add to your burden, and understanding will be hard.


Instead of you grasping what you are reading, the only thing you will capture is the music playing since it’s understandable.


Turn off the music if you know that you have challenges understanding the content you are studying.


But if you are doing great at absorbing what you are studying, then you should study with music.


The music will study so much fun you will study for longer, thus covering a huge volume of notes.


This is a positive thing for your studies.


Also, if you are studying a lot of theory that doesn’t need so much analysis, you can study with music.


The theory seems so boring; with a little bit of music, it’s going to be so much fun to study.


4. You can study with music when doing lots of calculations.

If you want to study with music, you should mainly choose subjects that do have lots of calculations.


When you are doing calculations, there isn’t much you need to keep in your mind other than crafting the right formula and flowing.


You don’t need to understand a concept or a theory of how a certain machine works.


The only thing you will be dealing with is numbers. Handling numbers tends to be easier as long as you know what you are doing.


Doing calculations while listening to music makes it fun. I used to do mathematics and thermodynamics while listening to music.


I would sit for hours doing calculations, to the extent of forgetting that I had to switch to other units.


So, if you are doing a lot of calculations, you can study with music.


5. Turn off the music when you can no longer focus on your studies.

Studying with music is amazing, but sometimes things don’t work out the way we expect.


Some days we will wake up and find it hard to focus on our studies while the music is playing.


Another case can be that when the music is playing, you can’t focus on what you are studying at all.


You are only listening to music, and you aren’t concentrating on the content you are putting your eyes on.


When you find yourself in this situation, I advise you to turn the music off.


If you keep the music playing while you are trying so hard to focus, you will strain your brain, and you will never study for longer.


You will be exhausted within a short time, and the information that you will retain won’t be sufficient.


In other cases, you will end up forgetting the things you studied and only remembering the chorus of the music you were listening to.


This is something that can happen when you study with music. This is a point you should keep at your fingertips.


So, when you are struggling to focus on your studies while listening to music, you should just turn it off.



If you want to study with music, go ahead, but only if the music doesn’t ruin your focus.


You need to focus on what you are studying; if music is your enemy, you will have no choice but to turn it off.


When you are studying something that you find hard to understand, I advise you to keep yourself away from distractions if you want to learn.


You won’t be able to capture anything if you can’t focus. In these situations, you will have no choice but to turn the music off.


Study with the music when it boosts your productivity only, not the other way around.


Thanks for reading; if you have any questions, leave your comment. See you in my next article.


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