My Girlfriend’s Family Is Toxic: Do This

If your girlfriend’s family is toxic you need to find a way to save yourself, your girlfriend, and the relationship. Your girlfriend’s family can end up ruining your relationship, make your life harder especially if they are close to you, and affect your mental health.


Whether you like it or not her family has a huge part to play in how your relationship will turn out to be.


If your girlfriend’s family makes it harder for your girlfriend to enjoy the relationship with you peacefully, this might result in the end of your relationship.


So, the question is, what should you do now that you know your girlfriend’s family is toxic?


To be honest you can’t work on this issue alone unless you involve your girlfriend.


She knows her family better than you do. If there is something her family requires you to do for them to change, she will also tell you about it.


This is what to do if your girlfriend’s family is toxic;

1. Find out why her family is toxic.

If your girlfriend’s family is toxic the first thing you have to do is find out why they are that way.


what to do when your girlfriend's family is toxic

It can be that they are just toxic to you because they don’t like you. And you might end up spending so much effort trying to come up with a way to escape their nature but it’s all because of you.


You are the problem and that is why they show you their toxicity so that you get scared and leave your girlfriend.


Take your time to find out why her family is toxic. When you know why her family behaves that way you will have an idea of where you should start working on this problem.


It will be harder for you to know why her family is toxic unless you talk to your girlfriend about it.


You need to ask your girlfriend how her family handles strangers if they don’t like them.


If you are not the first guy to be introduced to her family, she probably has an idea of how her ex was handled when she introduced him.


Don’t start telling your girlfriend that her family is toxic if you have no idea why they behave that way.


You need time first to learn something about her family and its past before you start telling your girlfriend things.


If they are toxic to you because they don’t approve of you dating their relative, you will have no choice but to find a way to be far from her family.


Since you are the problem, their nature won’t change unless you are far from them.


If you find out that they are just toxic because of the environment they live in, when it comes to this point there is nothing you can do to change her family.


Her family is toxic because it chooses that kind of lifestyle that you aren’t used to.


For you, it’s something strange and that is why you are busy finding a way to save yourself and your relationship.


Your girlfriend may not even be considering that her family is toxic.


She thinks her family is always great and it never does anything to hurt anyone.


She doesn’t know what you are going through in the hands of her family.


2. Talk to your girlfriend about her family.

If your girlfriend’s family is toxic and she doesn’t know about it you have to talk to her about it.


Her family may be showing her that they are good people. They don’t hurt anyone in any way.


The only side of her family that she sees is what they let her see. You are the only one who knows how her family is because you know how they have been handling you.


It can be that they have been controlling your life, threatening you, and even hurting you physically.


But you never told your girlfriend because you don’t want her to think that you hate her family.


If her family is toxic and it’s making your life hell, you need to talk to your girlfriend about it.


Let her know what her family does to you and how it affects you and the relationship at large.


If you have any proof that her family is toxic you need to let her see it. Seeing is believing. That is if she doesn’t think that her family is capable of hurting you.


As long as her family affects you and your relationship you will have no choice but to talk to her about it.


It doesn’t matter whether it’s something huge or it’s just a little bit of controlling art they have on you.


If her family is blackmailing you for any reason you need to talk to your girlfriend about it.


When she knows that her family has been doing things to hurt you, she will be open to any suggestions you will come up with or she will face her family.


She might be the key to the problems that you are going through right now from her family.


You just need to open up and don’t feel embarrassed because you think that she will look down upon you.


Don’t pretend you are strong and you can handle her toxic family simply because you don’t want to give her the impression you are a weak guy.


Keeping it to yourself will only hurt you and make your life miserable. You won’t even focus on building your relationship with your girlfriend.


So, if her family is controlling you, hurting you mentally or physically, and ruining your relationship in any way, you need to be honest about it.


You have to let your girlfriend know that her family is making your life tough and you can no longer take it.


3. Discuss ways to evade their toxicity.

If your girlfriend believes you are telling her the truth about her family it will be easier to solve this issue.


The problem will come in when she doesn’t believe a thing you say about her family.


She only thinks you are making false accusations to just find a way to pull away from her.


If this becomes the case there is no way you will work things out with her.


Any solutions you will come up with to get far away from her family’s toxicity will not work.


She loves her family and she will always want to be close to it. Taking her far away will only bring conflicts and complications between the two of you.


Let us assume she believes that her family is toxic and she is ready to listen to what you have to say.


She can’t change her family and neither can you. The only option you have is to walk away from it.


The easiest way to get out of a toxic relationship is to break from its attachment.


It will be harder for you to escape from your girlfriend’s family if you are still close to them. They can still hurt you when you are closer to them.


Let your girlfriend know that you would like to go far away from the reach of her toxic family.


If there is anything she can do to stop her family from hurting you and ruining your relationship she better start working on it.


Discuss several ways you can escape from her toxic family.


4. If you can’t change her family distance yourselves from it.

Let us assume that you have tried everything you can to change her family but haven’t been able to.


my girlfriend's family is hurting me

You gave in to what they wanted but they still have a tight grip on you.


There is no way you can shake from their grip and it’s making your life so hard.


Your girlfriend has tried to talk to her family about what they are doing to you and the relationship at large but she has failed to change them.


Her toxic family keeps on hurting you physically and emotionally. You think of ending the relationship with her to escape from all this mess you dipped yourself in but you can’t do it.


You are so much in love with her.


Furthermore, you can’t blame your girlfriend for her family’s sins. All you have been doing is holding on thinking that her family will start liking you and they will change.


It has been months you are still going through hell at the hands of your girlfriend’s family.


What you need to know is that it won’t get better. You are stuck in their toxicity and the only way you can end this is by walking far away from her family.


Your girlfriend has to be ready for this. If she knows that her toxic family is making your life harder, she will want to help you.


You are someone she cares about. I don’t think she will stand it when her family keeps on hurting you.


If she is on your side, she will be ready to run away with you and start your life somewhere where no one knows the two of you.


She will be ready to cut off communication with her family and focus on building your relationship.


It’s a big ask, if she is not truly in love with you, she will never do something like that.


She will be ready to let you leave and she will keep on holding on to her family.


If your girlfriend loves you, she wants you to be safe and happy, she will do everything she can to escape from her toxic family.



If your girlfriend’s family is toxic and it hurts you, your girlfriend, and the relationship, you will have no choice but to find a way to escape from its toxicity.


Being around your girlfriend’s toxic family will only make your life harder, you will never focus on building your relationship and you will end up getting hurt.


You need to let your girlfriend know the problems you are going through at the hands of her family.


If she cares about you and what you are building right now, she will never allow her family to destroy it.


The only thing you will have to do if your girlfriend can’t change her family is walk away from it.


Go as far as you can with your girlfriend and start your life where no one knows you.


I am sure if her family has something against you, it will keep on hunting you. It’s a decision you need to make. Are you ready to risk your life for your girlfriend or would you rather leave her?


What if the girlfriend is not willing to address the issue of her toxic family? if your girlfriend doesn’t want to acknowledge that her family is toxic you will have no choice but to end the relationship. There is no way you are going to make a solid decision about what is affecting you if she won’t be willing to join hands with you.


As long as your girlfriend is willing to do anything to escape from her toxic family you should hold her tight.


It’s through these challenges that the two of you will develop a strong and amazing relationship.


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