How To Deal With Heartbreak During Exams

In this article, I will share several ways you can deal with heartbreak during exams.


It’s going to be hard to focus on your exams if you are dealing with heartbreak.


The tips I will share in this article will help you cope with heartbreak during exams.


If you want to succeed in your exams you have to give your best, that won’t be possible if your head is somewhere else.


When you are dealing with heartbreak, the things that are going to be affected are your concentration, priority, and your ability to come up with solutions to different problems you will face during your exams.


The best way to deal with heartbreak during exams is to ensure you get your focus on control, set your priorities right, and don’t lose your problem-solving skills.


Without wasting time, let me share the things you are supposed to do to handle this heartbreak.


This is how to deal with heartbreak during exams;

1. Accept what has happened between the two of you.

If you want to deal with heartbreak during exams this is the first thing you must do.


dealing with heartbreak during exams

You have to accept what has happened between the two of you. There is nothing you can do about your heartbreak.


The only way you will be able to focus on your exams is to come to terms with what happened.


Let yourself feel the pain and admit that there is no way you can turn things around.


Being in denial about what happened to you will only increase the pain. If the pain of the heartbreak is intense there is no way you will focus on your exams.


The only thing you will be thinking about is making things right between the two of you yet it has already happened.


This will shift your energy and priority; this will result in your failure.


There is no way you will do your exams while your head is somewhere else.


So, accept that it has happened, he or she left you or he or she hurt you, this will not make it easier for you but you will have a chance to handle your exams effectively.


2. Find a way to cope with the heartbreak.

If you want to deal with heartbreak during exams you have to find a way to hold yourself into place during this period.


Think of anything you can come up with that will give you peace of mind.


What do you usually do when you are grieving? Do you take yourself off the edge by listening to music?

Do you usually take a moment and reconnect with yourself?


You have to remember you are doing your exams currently, don’t think of drinking or doing drugs, even if you were not doing them I wouldn’t recommend you to do that.


Indulging yourself in drinking and doing drugs will take your far from what you are supposed to focus on.


You have to keep your brain in shape for the exams you are doing.


Think of the positive ways you can cope with heartbreak during this period of exams.


If you have to talk to someone who is going to help you go through this tragic transition, I advise you to do that.


When you feel that you need to take yourself from the environment you were in to cope with what happened between the two of you, then you should do it.


Think of anything you can to make the pain fade away for a moment as you are doing your exams.


I know it hurts that things are no longer the same, but you have something bigger you are chasing other than your relationship.


Your career is on the line here, relationships start and fail, but your career will always stand with you.


3. Focus on what matters right now.

I know you are dealing with heartbreak, but you have to focus on what matters.


The only thing that matters is your career.

Your career is bigger than what happened to you. The heartbreak will only last for a moment but your career will always be there with you.


Would you rather focus on something that is going to last or the heartbreak that you will get over after a while?


The pain you feel right now will never fade away if you keep focusing on it.


The more you keep thinking about what happened, the further away you will take your focus from the exams.


When that happens you are looking at a fail even before you get the results.


I know you were in love, but don’t ever let a relationship control what you need to focus on.


Your life doesn’t revolve around the relationship you had, so don’t let the heartbreak revolve around something that you care about the most.


Unless you went to college/university to mainly seek a relationship, then I would advise you to focus on your relationship.


But I know that is not what you went to college/university for and that is why you are here trying to find a solution to this problem.


Think of the bigger picture and what you are about to lose if you focus on your heartbreak instead of your exams.


This is what will enable you to focus on your exams.


4. Your ex is no longer your priority.

If you were so in love with him or her, you would feel the need to keep on working on your relationship.


You might want to find a way to fix issues between the two of you because you think there is a chance for the relationship to keep on going.


I don’t blame you for this! When you are in love with someone your instinct will always want you to keep on fighting for that relationship.


I know you can focus on it, work things out with him or her and go back to normal.


But right now, you don’t have the luxury of doing that since time is not on your side.


The only thing you should focus on is doing your exams with peace and saving yourself from the burden of fixing the relationship.


Your ex is not a priority right now. If he or she cheated on you, you cheated on him or her, that doesn’t matter now.


The priority is your exams, even if there is something you can do to fix things, don’t dare drag yourself to that.


Prioritize your exams, study smarter, and ace them. When you are done with your exams, is when you will have the chance to think if you are going to work on your failed relationship or not.


Trust me, when you pass, you won’t even think of taking yourself to that mess again.


You will prefer working on yourself, building your career, and becoming the best version of the person you want to be.


So, prioritize your exams and you will deal with the heartbreak at ease during this period.


5. Use the pain of the heartbreak to your advantage.

I know you are feeling the pain, the frustration, and the anger because of the heartbreak.


There is a negative tension that flows in your body and mind, you feel like breaking things.


This pain can work to your advantage. The only thing you will need to do is channel it through the right route.


Think of all the things that might have caused the heartbreak you are trying to cope with during this period.


Did your partner break your heart simply because he or she thought you are not good enough?


Did he or she leave you for someone else better than you? Did your partner break your heart because you couldn’t give him or her what he or she wanted?


Think of the all worst reasons that might have resulted in your heartbreak.


You need revenge! The only way you will get that revenge is by being someone better.


You need to grow and glow, become someone he or she will regret losing, and make your life amazing.


If you shift your mindset towards using the pain of heartbreak to make yourself someone better, you will deal with this heartbreak without issue.


Instead of heartbreak being the reason for your failure, it will work to your advantage. And you will thank me later.



If you want to deal with heartbreak during exams, the best way to tackle this is by working on your focus and prioritizing the right thing.


Don’t let what happened to you take over everything in your life. The heartbreak you are going through has no conflict with your exams.


So, don’t mix your emotions with business.


If you let the heartbreak control everything part of your body and act how it wants you to, there is no way you are going to focus on your exams.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions you should leave your comment. I hope you manage to navigate through this hard situation.


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