Chase Money Not Women: This Is Why

You should chase money and not women. Women will never not give you the life you want. 


As a man, you should always have dreams to achieve. You should let your life be always about chasing success.


Chase something that is going to make you happy, give you the life you desire, and be the person you want to be.


If you waste your time chasing women, you will never manage to be the guy you want to be.


You need to focus on chasing money; chasing success and focusing on something that is going to build you as an individual.


Women will pretend to love you but all they want from you is what you are fighting so hard to achieve in your life.


They will pretend to care about you but at the end of the day after you walk your separate ways you will realize that they took more than your time from you.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I am telling you to avoid relationships simply because you are chasing your goals.


The person you will end up having in your life might be the reason for your success.


Before I go deeper into this article, let me share what it means when I talk about chasing women.


What does it mean when a man is chasing women?

When a man is chasing women it means that he doesn’t focus on improving his life, he wastes so much of his time pursuing women who don’t value him and he doesn’t prioritize himself but the women he is pursuing.


chase money and not women

This is what it means when a man is chasing women.


A man is blinded by the women he is pursuing to the extent that he can’t see where is going.


He forgets about the things that matter to his life and only thinks about the women who are giving him a hard time.


Deep down he knows that these women aren’t interested in him but he keeps pushing himself towards them.


If you find yourself in this position of endless chase for women who want nothing to do with you but use you, you are a chaser.


You don’t have to pursue a woman for a month.


There is something else you should know.


This is why you should chase money and not women;

1. Chasing money will build you as an individual.

I want you to read this part carefully. You have to understand what I mean for you to get the full benefit of this article.


You should chase money because it will build you. Money will build you in ways you have never imagined before.


Trust me, I know well enough that chasing money is a hard task, especially when you don’t have an idea where you should start.


There are so many challenges you will come across when you are chasing money.


Chasing money is equal to chasing success. You have to know that you won’t make money if you don’t change as a person.


You will need to learn so much about ways you can drive the income. The success you are chasing won’t come to you on a silver platter.


Chasing money will force you to evolve as a man. You will need to shape yourself in ways that will attract success.


You will have to learn how to face your fears and be confident in front of people who look down upon you.


The process of handling every challenge life throws at you will force you to learn and grow as a man.


Chasing women will bring the opposite of all these things I am talking about here.


When you start chasing women you won’t have time for yourself. You won’t even think about the things you are supposed to do to change your life.


What you should know is that you will waste so much time trying to please women who will at last dump you for another guy who does nothing for them.


You won’t have time to work on your weaknesses because you will be blinded by the women you will be chasing.


A woman doesn’t want to be with you, she shows you that you mean nothing to her but you still waste your time texting and calling her.


The time you are wasting trying to impress and convince her to let you in though you know she doesn’t want anything to do with you, will never be recovered.


When you realize you have wasted a year trying to be someone you are not just to please a woman, it will be too late for you to recover the time you wasted.


The time and energy that you could have used to build yourself as an individual has been wasted on a woman who doesn’t even value you at all.

She added nothing to your life, but she took a lot from you. This is one of the reasons why you should never chase women.


2. You will improve your life by chasing money.

Let me ask you a question, and please be honest with yourself.


What will earn by chasing women?


Does having many women make you a successful man?


You have more than ten women in your DM that you are pursuing. When you walk out there you see another one who is better than the women you are seducing in your DM.


Since it’s hard for you to control yourself because you have been used to giving in to where your desire pushes you, you approach her and ask her for her phone number.


She gives you her phone number. You don’t care if she is in a relationship or not.


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You add her in your life and you also start pursuing her too. The list of the women you are chasing keeps on increasing every single day.


The social media is also full of women you admire. When you sit down the first thing you do is scroll through the social Media for hours.


What are you searching for? You are searching for a woman who is better than the ones you have already in your contacts.


You text them and the chase keeps on going.


The unfortunate thing is that these women you are chasing don’t even consider you as a guy they would like to be with.


There is nothing incredible about you, your life is a mess and you don’t work on anything that is likely to change your life.


You waste hours every single day talking to women you will never even meet or hold.


This is stripping your success away. The time you waste is money; it’s also a great weapon for your success as a man.


But look at this from another perspective; try to get rid of all those contacts of the women you are trying so hard to win.


Wake up every day with a mission to improve your life and yourself.


Plan your schedule and stick to it. Every single day try to work on something that is going to improve the standard of your life.


Work on dreams and focus on what you want to achieve. Put all your energy into achieving what you want for yourself.


Stop wasting your time on unnecessary people who want nothing to do with you or don’t bother to help you improve your life.


When you focus all your energy on chasing money, you won’t have time to chase women at all.


An hour a day practicing a skill that can increase your revenue is going to give you a big jump at the end of the year.


The amount of money that you used to make will keep on increasing since you have more skills to sell and hire.


The more money you make, the better your living standard becomes.


This is what you need to do instead of wasting hours texting and calling women who want nothing to do with you other than use you for what you have.


3. Chasing money will improve your status.

When your life improves your social class will change. You will no longer be in the same position as the guys you used to hang out with.


You will enter expensive resorts, you will meet people of a different caliber and your life status won’t be the same anymore.


This will change your name. When someone hears of your name will only conclude one thing about you “The King”


You will be a king in your kingdom that you will create.


This is what you will create when you focus on chasing your goals and dreams.


Chasing women will not raise your status at all. You won’t gain anything from chasing women.


What you should know is that you will keep degrading yourself towards the women you are chasing, you won’t have time for yourself and nothing is going to improve.


When you make good money, you have skills that make you a recognizable person in the community, you have a group of people behind you who follow you for the good value you provide to them, and you won’t be an average guy at all.


Your status will improve. The moment this happens, good things will start coming your way.


The women you wanted so badly will now start chasing you because you are busy chasing your future and not them at all.


You will be another person because you chose another path.


When you chase women you will never have time to prioritize yourself, you won’t have time and the energy to work on your career.


All these things will result in your status deteriorating because you won’t be increasing your value.


What will make you a valuable person is what you do and what you offer to the people around you?


If you can’t provide something better to anyone because you don’t have time to learn and grow, you will always be left behind.


This is why I am telling you that you should chase money and not women.


when you chase money

By now you know what I mean when I say that.


4. Money will bring success thus making women chase you.

When you start chasing money I am not telling you that you will have immediate success.


You are probably going to come across so many challenges along the way.


That is the harsh truth. You will spend sleepless nights trying to figure out how you can make your projects successful.


You will dedicate your time working on side hustles and even sacrifice your platonic relationships to make yourself successful.


The stress and frustration you will come across when things don’t go your way will make you want to give up.


This is what I call chasing money.


When you chase money, you are chasing success. All the lows and highs you will go through will eventually make you successful.


What I believe is that when you put your mind to something, you put all your time and energy, it will eventually work out as long as you don’t give up in the process.


You will attain success by chasing money. Trust me, success comes along with great things.


The women you wanted so badly, those who rejected you when you had nothing, those who dumped you because you couldn’t give them anything and those who laughed at you will now be coming to you.


Women of every kind will claim to have feelings for you, they will want you to be the father of their kids and so many things.


At this level, you will realize that women are the ones seducing you and not the other way around.


You won’t even have to say a word and you will have any woman you desire.


Women are attracted to success. They all want to have a man who gives them a better future, a man who can give their kids and them an amazing life.


Some women will come to you to use you thinking that you are too naïve because you were once into them.


You will be in a position to choose the woman you want to have in your life.


Even if you want to have five girlfriends, you will do that and no chick will dare to tell you a thing because you are successful.


What I am trying to tell you here is that when you chase money, you will attract success and the success will make the women chase you and not the other way around.


So, why chase women and waste your life right now? You should focus on something that is going to improve your life and not degrade it.


5. Chasing money will save you from frustrations.

Have you ever heard that money has cheated on someone? Do you think money will make your life overwhelming?


Do you think you will spend hours trying to figure out where you will put your cash?


Will you ever get tired of success?


It’s easier to understand how to make money and become someone else.


You can’t say the same when it comes to chasing women. Women are hard to read and understand.


Don’t conclude you know what your woman wants. She might be happy with you but she will still end up cheating on you with someone else.


When you ask her why she cheated on you, the only thing she will tell you is that she doesn’t know why she did it.


Furthermore, when you sit down and try to understand why she went against the pledge of your relationship you will fail to understand where you went wrong.


You gave her everything she wanted, spent so much time with her, introduced her to your family and friends and everything seemed perfect.


Additionally, you treated her the best, you never cheated on her or did anything to hurt her feelings or body.


She went ahead and cheated on you anyway with someone you don’t even understand what made her interested in him.


You will be stressed and frustrated when you chase women because there is no day you will clearly understand them.


If you want women to love you the way you want, you need to let them fall in love with you deeper and not the other way around.


The moment you get women simp to you instead of you doing it, you will never be stressed.


They will give you what you want because they are the ones fighting harder to keep you.


When you are in this state you will never have it hard when it comes to managing your relationships.


Chasing women will make you obsessed with them, if not, you will love them so much that they will love you.


This will end up creating a room for frustration and heartbreaks. Instead of being busy creating your dream life, you will be busy with a therapist trying to find ways how to make women love you more.


You will be spending more money trying to please women who don’t value you simply because you are trying to make things calm.


If you have a job, you won’t be competent anymore. You won’t be focused on your tasks because you will be stressed by the same women you are fighting so hard to have in your life.


In the end, you will end up losing your job because of the women you will never have in your life.


Why put yourself in this situation when you can evade it? Stop chasing women and chase money now!


6. Chasing money will build your network.

In the process of you chasing money you will meet so many great people.


why you should chase money and not women

You will meet people with the same mindset. This will connect you to them because you all chasing one thing “Success”


As time goes by you will find out that you are more interested in creating connections than chasing women.


You will learn from these guys you meet, they will also learn so much from you since you have been on a journey of self-betterment.


The thought of spending hours texting and calling women who aren’t interested in you won’t even cross your head.


You will be the business guy now. The people you used to know will look at you differently.


Everyone will want to listen to you because of the transition you have been undergoing.


This will keep building your network, you travel abroad for business opportunities and leisure because of what you are working on.


You are a guy who is chasing his success right now and not women at all.


The community you will have behind you will grow and you will become a known figure.


These are some of the benefits of chasing money and not women.


You are a man, you should only focus on working on your life and become the best version of yourself.


This is what will make you successful and bring you the type of woman you want in your life.


Chase money, not women.



The main thing you should take from this article is that you should not waste your time on women.


If she doesn’t want to be with you don’t keep begging her to let you in. She is not interested in you.


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Focus on someone who wants you around, who wants to build you and take care of you.


I agree as a man you are going to be attracted to so many women and you will want to have a chance to explore them.


You shouldn’t let your desires control your entire life. When you let every beautiful woman you come across change your focus and direction there is no way you will grow.


Don’t hate women because I told you not to chase them. If you need a woman, be careful with the one you choose.


Choose a woman who will push you to chase your goals and dreams, not the one who will want you to take her to parties every weekend.


You will never change your life and become the guy you want to be. This is what you should take from this article. Women aren’t evil; you just need to take control of your desires and where they push you.


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