5 Advantages Of Using Gas Fired Boilers

In this article, I will share the advantages of using gas fired boilers.


The boilers can use different types of fuel and still generate the required quantity and quality of steam.


You should understand that the choice of any fuel selected to be used in a boiler depends on different factors that I discussed in the article below.


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I don’t want to tell you that using gas to generate steam is a good or a bad idea, it all depends on different variables.


Any fuel that may be selected to be used in steam generation has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Some of the gasses that are used to fire steam boilers are as follows;

  1. Coal gas
  2. Producer gas
  3. Blast furnace gas
  4. Sewage gas


Some of these gasses are available in abundance and they are cheap thus when choosing a fuel to be used in steam generation they can also be considered.


There are lots of good sides when it comes to using gas fired boiler that you will learn in this article.


Without wasting time, let me share what you should know about using gas-fired boilers.


These are the advantages of using gas-fired boilers;

1. They give higher efficiency under limited air supply conditions.

This is one advantage of using gas-fired boilers.


They give higher efficiency under limited air supply conditions.


There won’t be a need to strictly allow much access air in the furnace for a combustion rate to be provided.


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Gaseous fuels can be burnt with low excess air since they can easily mix up with air compared to liquid and solid fuels.


The state of matter of gasses its particles are further apart which makes it easier for them to burn effectively even when low excess air is supplied.


For a power plant that is located in area where the excess air needed is an issue, the choice of using gas fired boiler is going to do an amazing work.


The high efficiency can be met even with the limited supply of air.


This is an advantage of using gas-fired boilers.


2. Storage of the gasses is not required.

When you use gas-fired fire boilers you won’t have to worry about the storage unit of gasses.


These gasses that are brought to the power plant to be used are usually held in their containers.


The only thing left is just to connect them to the burner and put them to use and that is all.


This is an advantage when you use gas-fired boilers because you get to save money on paying for an extra storage facility and handling at the same time.


Which it’s a very different case when you choose to use solid fuels.


For instance, if you choose to use coal, you will need to have enough storage units because when it reaches the power plant it can’t be used directly.


One will have to handle the coal, clean the coal and prepare it to be fed into the furnace.


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All these are issues that will add to the cost of operation of the power plant.


With gas-fired boilers you don’t have to worry about any of these things at all.


And this is another benefit of using gas-fired boilers.


3. The problem of ash disposal is eliminated.

If you decide to use gas fired boilers you don’t have to worry about the problem of ash handling.


Trust me, ash handling is another hectic task on its own that will consume time and resources in the power plant.


The use of gas fired boilers eliminates the problem of ash disposal which reduces the man power in the power plant, save times and reduces the operational cost.


So, if anyone is thinking of eliminating the problem of ash handling; the selection of gas-fired boilers is going to do the trick.


4. Gas-fired boilers provide a clean firing system.

If the gas fuel can properly burn in low access air conditions, it’s going to burn completely when enough air is supplied.


When the combustion is complete there won’t be an issue of soot and smoke.


Meaning the air that will be leaving out of the combustion chamber will be clean of any smoke and soot.


This will leave the fireside clean, the boiler accessories will be left clean and the working environment is going to be great for the operators.


This will end up reducing the maintenance practices of cleaning the fireside of the boilers which will save time and money.


All these are things that can contribute to the increase of profits of the power plant.


5. The gas-fired boiler system doesn’t require a higher chimney.

The other advantage of using gas fired boilers is that you won’t have to worry about a huge investment when it comes to the chimney installation.


If you decide to use steel or masonry type of chimney, you will need to invest.


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Gas fired boilers don’t require a higher chimney which means the construction cost of the chimney is going to be cut down significantly.


The amount of money saved can be invested in improving the functionality of the boiler and increasing the supplies needed.




These are the advantages of using gas-fired boilers. Before you think of using gas fired boilers you have to do a thorough research on the efficiency of these boilers.


There are a lot of things you should consider before choosing a boiler of any type.


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Don’t choose a boiler because of how fancy it may seem or because of the few advantages you have read from several resources.


It would be better if you get to the power plant or any industry that uses that type of a boiler and know more from them.


They might give you the right information you require to come up with the best choice you of the type of a boiler you are going to need in your power plant, home or industry.


Thanks for reading this article. Hopefully, you have enjoyed. See you in my next article.


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